Purple works well with taupe

Decorating Your Living Room With Purple Sofa Furniture

In an informal or more formal living room, nine times out of ten the main focal point of the room and main seating will be the sofa, or the largest sofa if you have more than one. Recently, we’ve been using our sofas as an item of function and style, and being bolder with colours and textures to enhance our living rooms.

Purple works well in living rooms as a colour, because of its rich, relaxing, cooling yet quite central properties, with a spectrum that stretches from pastel soft lilac tones, to dramatic and brooding plums. You can use the colour purple to create almost any kind of living room atmosphere.

These beautiful homes have added a purple sofa to their living rooms, turning up the colour and the style volume. Be inspired by these funky, modern, and stylish purple sofas that will inspire you to add a splash of purple to your own living or family room:

1. Purple And Taupe
Purple works well with taupe
Because of the closeness of the colours, purple works well with taupe as it acts as a neutralizer to purple but makes the bolder purple tones stand out, while not clashing.
2. Royal Charm
Quirky and minimal studio flat
The colour purple has royal connotations in Europe, and this velour roll top sofa adds a touch of royalty and elegance to a quirky and minimal studio flat.

3. Mixing Warm And Cool
Living room with a purple sofa
Purple errs on the cool side of the colour wheel, but its closeness to warmer pinks and reds mean that it can look stunning against cool tones – like the vast blue sky in the background – or warmer tones like the orange in this living room.

4. Deep Purple Luxury
Elegant living room
Dark purple screams luxury and elegance, which can only be magnified by sumptuous velvets and leathers. A plush sofa like this one will take your breath away.

5. Quirky Elegance
Living room with  deep purple velour sofa
This similar deep purple velour sofa has all the charm of an old French boudoir, but the added uniqueness of mixing purple and gold with clean lines and a mix of textures.

6. Purple And Golden Stripes
Living room with striped sofa and table
If you’re going for total luxury, mix the rich tones of purple, taupe, and gold, for a one off living room that yells elegance.

7. Modern Extravagance
Modern livng room design
Achieve a more modern twist on luxury by combining purples, taupe, silver, and black, but using clean lines and a variety of textures.

8. Cool Purple Accents
White living room design
If you like to play it minimal with colour, you can add elegance to a greyscale living room by adding splashes of purple soft furnishings.
9. Stunning Jewel Tones
Purple sofa with splashes of bright blue cushions
Purple can be used as a simple base colour for your living room, not as a feature colour. This examples uses purple and taupe colour palette with splashes of bright blue for a cool and striking style.

10. Pink And Plum
Red and pink toned purples
Red and pink toned purples, which lean towards plum tones, are the best purple tones to use in a colour palette with other pink and red tones.

There’s no denying that purple is dynamic, adaptable, luxurious and soft – in fact this is a colour that can be anything you want it to be. Use your imagination and your personality to find the right purple for you.

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