Simple headboard with planks of wood

10 Cool DIY Headboards Ideas

Making your own furniture isn’t just thrifty, it’s fun and rewarding, and gives you one off pieces that you know are completely unique to your home.
Headboards, the panels that form or are placed behind the head of a bed, can be an important interior design feature.

If you’re looking for your next interior design DIY challenge, a DIY headboard design could be an exciting project for you. They’re a blank canvas for colour, texture, shape and pattern, and an opportunity for you to add a splash of fun and personality into your bedroom. It’s simple to decorate your own, and you can start from scratch or update an old headboard.

If you’d like to get out your tools and add something to your room that it truly unique and can’t be seen anywhere else, use these cool DIY headboards for ideas and take them further as you go ahead and create your own:

1. Giant Lace Headboard

DIY headboard

Get your artsy side out and create a headboard the height of your bedroom. Something this vast will take serious time, but the final effect is worth it.

2. Button Tufted Headboard

DIY button tufted headboard

Padded headboards are best for people who want to add a plushiness to their bedroom, and enjoy sitting up in bed for reading or watching TV. Start with a plain colour in a luxury texture like leather or suede, and work with plain colours.

3. Acrylic Headboard

Cool DIY headboard idea

This alternative headboard has no specific function other than to look great. Add any acrylic wall covering behind the head of your bed for this effect.

4. Cityscape Headboard

Cityscape adds an air of paradise and adventure

Another stylish headboard that has no specific function, but the cityscape adds an air of paradise and adventure.

5. Bookshelf Headboard

Build shelves for books and artwork into the wall

Struggling for storage? Build shelves for books and artwork into the wall behind your bed. It also gives you easy access to your books when you’re reading before bed.

6. Built In Headboard

DIY build in headboard

Although there’s no actual headboard here, the wall behind the bed acts as a headboard where there is a space between the bookshelves. Perhaps a slightly more advanced DIY project to install built in shelves, but it’s a great look.

7. Hanging Padded Headboard

Vintage style headboard

A quirky twist on the traditional padded headboard, this hanging headboard is a great answer for people who would like a vintage style headboard that doesn’t fix to the bed. The plinth above the headboard acts as a shelf, giving you more storage or space to showcase art.

8. Wooden Headboard

Simple headboard with planks of wood

Create a natural and tropical look into your bedroom by creating a simple headboard with planks of wood or bamboo in varying lengths.

9. Painted Headboard

DIY painted headboard

If you don’t want to commit to the space of a headboard or you’d like a modern and minimal alternative, paint an elaborate pattern behind the head of your bed.

10. Chalkboard Headboard

Cool and innovative chalkboard headboard

Send messages to your loved one, inspire yourself or leave important reminders with a cool and innovative chalkboard headboard. Recreate yours easily with a piece of wood and some blackboard paint.

Headboards are overlooked as an accessory but these ideas show that they can add style and fun to your bedroom. With a bit of imagination, your possibilities are endless.

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