10 Victorian Stylish Accent Table Designs

Little changes can do wonders to spruce up the look of any room. Ever thought how an accent table can give your living room a much deserved facelift? And if the table has a feel of the Victorian era to it, it simply adds to the package. The underlying 10 Victorian style accent table designs can give you a sound idea on how to give your living room a touch of the Victorian era.

One thing also is that, having crafted table add feeling when using it. Because when we speak of furniture, tables would always be part of the list since it is very useful for our everyday activities from the living room to the dining room. Like an eat-in kitchen, some Mums want to have even a small table connected to the island for easy access from where food is prepared to where her family members can eat. Of course, it is not necessary that we connect the table to the island, but sometimes, to save the little space that we have in the kitchen, we resort to doing just that. Take a view on 10 Victorian Stylish Accent Table Designs.

1. Royal Accent Table

1 Royal Accent Table

A beautiful accent table at its stylish best, this piece have been made using selected hardwood, intricately carved, with a veneer top, featured in black fossil stone. The drawers have an antique brass polish to it with a connoisseur’s finish. All in all a piece that will sure turn heads.

2. Red Floral Drum Table

2 Red Floral Drum Table

If you want to add a unique touch to your living room decor, this piece is just perfect. It features exquisite hand painted floral patterns on top quality hardwood, resin and wood product with a red painted finish. It also has a working door that features a door knob with an antique brass polish.

3. Black Drum Table

3 Black Drum Table

This accent table has a coffee tinted hand painted polish with intricate floral patterns on it which have been hand painted for superior finish. The body is made out of selected hardwood, resins and wooden products.

4. Scalloped Table

4 Scalloped Table

If you are looking for an accent table that will complement your scanty space, this elegant yet petite piece has been crafted out of hardwood with Ash, Olive and Burl veneers. The tabletop is in a shape of a scallop shell placed elegantly on top of immaculately designed four legs and pedestal.

5. Cove Cut Table

5 Cove Cut Table

This accent table is quite a unique piece crafted out of solid woods and veneers. The inlay top is hand crafted out of walnut, cherry and maple with intricate carving. The entire piece has a plantation cherry polish with burnished patterns all over.

6. Pembroke Table

6. Pembroke Table

A sleek yet elegant table, perfect to fit a small space is what this piece is. Crafted out of top quality wood solids and cherry veneers the table features a matching top made of cherry veneers. The fine taped legs feature intricate craftsmanship while the drawers have an antique brass polished hardware.

7. Pedestal Game Table

7 Pedestal Game Table

This piece is all about function and form. Showcasing craftsmanship at its very best, this table has been handcrafted from solid woods, resin and wood product. It also features intricately carved legs and urn pedestal. The reversible gaming set up lets you enjoy backgammon on one side and checkers on another.

8. Tea Server

8 Tea Server

This distinctive piece not only is attractive but also is quite functional. Handcrafted out of wood and veneers the table features a cherry veneer top featuring an inlay design in linen. Each of the sides showcases a serving stay which can be pulled out. Antique finish completes the entire look.

9. Basket Weave plant Stand

9 Basket Weave plant Stand

This plant stand features basket weave texture on it and is quite an elegant piece to keep in your living room. It’s pretty sleek and hence doesn’t take up a lot of space.

10. Acanthus Entry Table

10 Acanthus Entry Table

A perfect way to add a bit of Victorian touch to your living room, this round granite topped table with carved legs is sure a stunner.










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