French Rococo style chair and a half

10 Victorian Style Chair Designs

Victorian Style Accent Chair designs are one of the finest and stylish handmade furniture with an English feel.  The materials used to make this kind of rich furniture styles are patterned rich fabric , carefully crafted chair frames made out of wood, gold, silver and other materials.  Vintage walnut satin finish was added to made these chair look the way they look and dark wood. The styles incorporated when making these upholstery Victorian accent chairs are the French rococo style, vintage and antique styles.

Your living room should be decked up in a way that it not on reflects class but also is quite high on the comfort quotient. The single most effective way of doing so is by adding a Victorian era inspired chair that will instantly glam up your room. If you are planning to get a Victorian style chair for your home and looking for inspirations, this post will come in handy showcasing 10 Victorian style chair designs.

1. Victorian style Chair with Vintage Walnut Satin Finish

vintage walnut satin finish added
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This style of chair oozes out comfort at its classiest best. Made of solid wood, the Isabella chair showcases exquisite hand carving perfect to match your elegant living room decor. It comes with three accent pillows, medium sized firm cushions in a vintage walnut satin finish added with muted gold accents.

2. French Rococo Style Chair

French Rococo style chair and a half
Image source: magnoliahall

This chair showcases golden upholstery which perfectly complements the Sienna Spice polish of the wooden trims. The trim is undulated including delicate leaf and shell carving all over to add to its beauty. This chair is a perfect match for an elegantly decked up living room painted in warm pastel shades.

3. Victorian Style Blended Fabric Upholstery Chair

blended fabric upholstery chair
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Want to add a designed look to your living room decor, then nothing suit it more aptly than this piece of furniture. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a roaring fireplace as a snuggle up and read a book on this chair. The seat back is raises for that royal look and the chair has enclosed wings with a wide seating, perfect for curling up.

4. Antique Victorian Style Chair

Victorian chair design
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If you are looking for a piece of furniture that reflects comfort and elegance with an added dash of romance, then this is just your piece. The chair featured intricate carving all over the legs, arms, apron and back. The wooden frame of the chair is made out of solid hardwood which is kiln dried.

5.  Victorian Style Romantic Chair

Romantic chair
Image source: magnoliahall

What is special about this particular piece of furniture is that it beautifully coordinates with a living room painted in muted pastel shades. The body of the chair is in beige while the wooden trimmings feature nice intricate carvings. Place the chair in your living room for an instant facelift.

6 . Victorian Style Solid Wood Chair

 solid wooden frames victorian chair
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This particular piece of furniture is made out of solid wooden frames that have been hand carved to give an exquisite look and finally hand finished. To add to its look is a serpentine rail made of wood which runs down the body of the chair from its arms to its legs.

7.  Victorian Style Leather Wing Chair

Vintage Style leather wing chair
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Perfect for adding a vintage look to your living room decor, this leather wing chair has been designed keeping in mind the priceless antiques of manor houses found in the British Isles.

8. Magnificent tapestry motifs

vintage style High Back Wing Chair
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This chair features magnificent tapestry motifs and intricate detailing on the upholstery which gives the chair a look high on the typical old world carrisma.

9.  Victorian style lord Byron chair

A satin antique walnut finish chair
Image source: magnoliahall

Featuring grandness at its best, the chair features an antique walnut polish that has a tinge of gold to it. Upholstered in a superior grade European textile, it also features one small and one medium sized cushion.

10.  Hand-Finished Victorian Chair Design

hand-finished Victorian chair design
Image source: magnoliahall

The amazing things about this chair is that it upholstery is sewn by hand and features a welt trim. Three fabrics that well complement each other have been used in cushions, back an the throw pillows. Thick foam has been used in the cushion and back for maximum comfort and support.

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