Darker and harder wooden table
Dining Room

10 Vibrant Rustic Plank Dining Tables Furniture

Wood has been used as a table material since we first began using tables for dining.

Wood brings a natural theme to the room, but not one that is as harsh as cold stone or metal. Wood is versatile, durable, and so easily available to buy on the high street and online to suit any style of home. With wood also comes a huge colour and texture selection.

Wood, by its own nature, is available in a range of styles and colours, so there is plenty of choice to work out which shade is best for you.

More people are opting for silver wood today, for its futuristic, cooling, and alternative charm, but orange toned and knotty woods are still much loved and chic. Wood can also complements traditional, classic, and contemporary home designs. Take a look at these examples of plank dining table furniture ideas for inspiration for your own home:

1. Soothing Cool Tones
Cool and wonderful beige table
This cool and wonderful beige table is soft and comforting on the eye, matching the cool and dulcet tones of the room perfectly.
2. Rustic Picnic Bench
Rectangular picnic dining table
Bring a slice of the outdoors into your home with a traditional rectangular picnic table that looks like it’s jumped straight out of the park.
3. Dark And Rooding Table
Darker and harder wooden table
For a more dramatic look, go for a darker and harder wooden table with clean and straight lines.
4. Wooden Plank With Steel
Wooden slab table
If industrial chic is more your style, go for a darker wooden slab table with dark, even painted, steel legs.
5. Restored Church Pew
Wooden dining table
Is your local church having an overhaul? Grab some used and old pews and bring them back to life with sandpaper and wood paint for a quirky and classic look.
6. Light And Airy
Lighter wooden table
Achieve the Scandinavian look by choosing warmer and lighter wood for your table. Mix with lots of light colours and natural light to maximise the open air atmosphere.
7. Sanded Dining Room
Kitchen with a wooden table
Achieve the rustic farm house style kitchen with a large and informal dining room built from sanded wood. Untreated wood will mark quicker, but give it a more loved and appreciated feel.
8. Minimal Wooden Table
Dining table with with minimal, steel chairs
This minimal table is a series of plain and wide planks of wood joined together with very little finish. It’s a chic and acquired taste, which is completed with minimal, steel chairs.
9. Traditional Shabby Chic Table
Dark and worn table
Get the shabby chic look with a dark and worn table with rounded wooden chairs. Leave the table untreated but decorated for a shabby and alternative look.
10. All Wooden Dining Room
Dining room with a wooden dining table
Instead of having a stand out wooden table, tie it all together and add a completely natural atmosphere to your room by showcasing exposed beams and wooden side furniture too.
Whatever your taste, you should always consider a wooden plank table. Available in so many sizes and colours, there’s one to suit every dining room.

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