Dining table with balustrade legs
Dining Room

Contemporary Styles For Rustic Industrial Dining Table

Rustic industrial style is fast becoming a trend where the electric wires are exposed, beams and sprinklers are not covered and even the big pipes installed for air condition and heater is laid bare. That’s the industrial part. The rustic part is when you used either bare, unpolished, unpainted wood for your dining table or painted but not with a glossy smooth finish. The cracks or imperfections of the wood are left untouched even if it is painted over. There’s a certain charm in the rustic industrial design that appeals to most of us. It is like going back to the basics when life was simpler. Here are some contemporary rustic industrial styles for the dining table that may appeal to you.

 1.  12 Seater Dining Table

Dining table with balustrade legs

This dining table may be painted but the cracks and nuts and bolts were not glossed over but laid bare. The balustrade legs are reminiscent of old tables that used to be made like this. It fitted perfectly to the rustic industrial design of this huge dining room.

 2.  Black Iron Legs

Dining table with black iron legs

The tabletop is made from a medium sized marble slab that was honed to be made into a table. The black iron legs are strong enough to bear the weight of the marble top. It makes a fantastic addition to the wood and brick design of the dining room.

 3. Black And White Table

Dining table with green and white chairs besides

This black and white table really shows its wear and tear and did not even get a lick of paint to change its image. The black colored top may have received a coat of varnish but the white legs show peeling paint and looks marvelous.

 4.  Rustic Dining Room

Dining room with unpainted table

The table shows a perfect match to the huge posts that surround the dining room. It is unpainted because the wood is of fine quality and color is lovely.

 5. Tree Branch Decoration

Tree branches are above the dining table

The table may be varnished but the legs show an uneven structure that looks as if it was just chopped off and made into a table. The gnarled wood used on the legs adds to the charm and authenticity.

 6. White Washed Bricks

The legs of the table match the color of the walls

Five long thick planks of wood cut evenly and nailed together forms the top of this table. It is left unpainted and unvarnished. The legs has wood supports at both ends that was nailed over it to give it balance.

 7.  Dining Table With Bench Seats

Benches perfectly matches the dining table

This table is a tamed version of the rustic industrial design. It may be made of wood but it has a finished look that looks so even and smooth. Still it is a fantastic design especially when paired with the benches that matches it perfectly.

8.  Plain wood pedestal Table

The dining table matched the gold colored chairs

This is a plain wood pedestal table that has been sanded over but left unpainted. It looks fantastic matched to the gold colored chairs.

 9. Farmhouse Style table

Dining table with iron legs

This long unpainted table has a sanded over look but looked fantastic in the setting of this house. The iron legs are a great design.

10.  Uneven Surface

Long wood table with uneven surface

The uneven surface of this long wood table looks wonderful. It may have received a faint coat of varnish just to protect it but this is one rustic industrial table design.

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