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10 vibrant Art Deco Dining Tables

A dining room is a place where you bring your friends and family to sit and have a meal and hold some talks with them if more especially you have not seen them for a while.  It offers a peaceful and suitable place to relax and enjoy your well cooked food.  When it comes to decorating such a place , you have to make sure that it looks good and is well decorated . But sometimes we don’t know where to start in decorating our dining rooms.   But the best way to decorate a dining room or area is to think of Art deco dining tables as a starting point. Once you have a lovely dining table you can start thinking of putting chairs around the table, they could be fancy chairs, traditional dining chairs or unusual dining chair designs. Adding a bit of green like a flower pot or flower vase on the centre of the dining table can make the ding room have a sort of fresh feeling.

The Art Deco style reflects the bold and precise decorative style from 1920s & 1930s which is identified by strong colours & geometric shapes. The Art Deco style has taken a recourse in the hep 21st century and is being widely followed today for exotic dining tables.

1.  Grey Dining Room With The Big Broad Rectangular Wooden Dining Table 


The big broad rectangular wooden dining table surely takes you back to the classy vintage era with its shiny surface. The glossy chairs on both sides match up with the glam appeal and the soft navy blue chairs at two ends create a smart contrast.

2.  The Stylish Glass Top Dining Table



This stylish glass top table is a revelation as it’s a breakaway from the typical wooden top art deco table, blending up the vintage art deco style effortlessly with the contemporary sleek taste. The blue seaters add on the desired colour in the setting.

3.   Art Deco Dining Table


If you are looking for a chic art deco set up , this setting seems perfectly handy. The table looks elegant with its wooden make on the edges off the table top and presence of fine glass in the middle has summed up an exotic look like no other. The pristine seats reflect poise.

4.  Wooden Dining Table And Red Dining Chairs


If you are looking for something out of the box, this bohemian slightly curved elongate rectangular dining table is sure to impress you. The choice of wood for the table adds on the desired depth to the setting and the cute red petite chairs add on the fun factor.

5. White Dining Room With An Oval Shaped Dining Table 



The oval shaped art deco dining table is a soothing revelation in place of the typical rectangular or square dining tables. The all-white setup creates a classy feel all over and the presence of glass at the center of table top evokes a stylish aura.

6. Dark wall Dining Room With A Square Wooden Dining Table 


If you prefer a traditional setup with the basic vintage feel, this setting is perfect for you. The little square wooden table looks solid sans any form of superficiality and echoes a very elegant feel all over. The patterned seating arrangements add on a decorative touch to the backdrop.

7. White Wooden Space With Glass Wooden Top  Dining Table


The glass table top over a wooden base denotes luxury and unrivalled exotic vintage charm that would impress you & your guests alike. The swede wrapped chair adds on the glam quotient and so the huge sun mirror.

8.   Solid Wooden Rectangular Dining Table


If you are looking for the perfect art deco dining table, this can be the ideal setting for you. The solid wooden rectangular table boldly echoes the desired vintage charm, duly accompanied by its intricate metal legs. The huge elegant glossy chairs form an able match-up.

9.  The Round Dining Table Dining Set


This setting is a bright specimen of a plush art deco furnishing,the round table aptly reflects the geometrical pattern of this vintage decor and the mighty jaguar over the table top ads on further depth. The petite cushioned wooden chairs further assure a classy feel.

10.  Coloured Dining With Wooden Dining Table


The glossy rectangular light wooden dining table with stylish sloping edges has plush written all over it. The luxury quotient is further amped by the wide cozy velvet chairs.

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