Tips in Decorating Your Small Bedroom

Decorating Your small bedroom can be very challenging,  but if you have done research correctly and have figured out what you want your new revamped bedroom to look like. It should not be a problem.  You have to give attention to details and look for materials that will not consume a lot of space as much as possible. You may think that having a small bedroom can limit your creative ideas, but you are wrong. All you need is some simple guidelines and tips in how to decorate your rooms. The pictures below will give you some idea on how to be creative even if you have a small bedroom.

Lots of creativeness was used to come with a beautiful small bedroom in each picture. You can see the clever use of storage, nice wall paint colors and picture wall art and other decorative features. If you could think of those when making over your small bedroom, you would have a great place.

1.  Bedroom With Chocolate Bed Cover

The walls were occupied using built-in wooden panels

The first thing you need to remember in designing your bedroom is to maximize the space. Just like in this first picture, the empty spaces on the walls were occupied using built-in wooden panels that serve as book shelves or storage for your collections and bedroom decors.

2.  Bedroom With The Wooden Bed 

The bottom portion of the bed is used as storage

Another way to maximize the space on your bedroom is to use the bottom portion of your bed as storage just like the picture below. This will lessen the unwanted spaces in your bedroom and will give you more possible ways to keep your room tidy.

3.  Kids Bedroom With Light Coloured Walls

The colors in this room create an illusion of bigger space


Light colored walls combined with bright pillows and bed sheet are the best features of the small bedroom in the next picture. These colors create an illusion of bigger space eliminating the feeling of being enclosed in a small bedroom.

4.   Small Bedroom With Adequate Room Lighting

Adequate room lighting is another great idea in decorating a small bedroom


Adequate room lighting is another great idea in decorating a small bedroom. Just like in the next picture, the bed is placed beside the window, allowing the light to pass through every corner of the room.

5. Blue Grey And Blue Bedroom

The bed covers and pillows have the same pattern

image source: londonjacob

Having one pattern to follow for your pillow case and bed sheets is what makes the room on the next picture attractive. It creates an image of symmetry that makes the room peaceful and comfortable.

6. Kids Bedroom With Colorful Storage Boxes

colorful storage boxes are arranged in an orderly manner

image source: grt-group

A small bedroom should always be clutter free since a clutter room usually makes the room smaller. One way to do this is to use colorful storage boxes arranged in an orderly manner just like the next picture below.

7.  White Bedroom With A Pull Up Bed

A pull-up bed saves space

image source: laura stein interiors

If you wanted a small room to be occupied by two persons, you can design your bed the same as the picture shown. A pull-up bed saves space and only consumes enough space when needed.

8.  Small Bedroom Design

rge enough master bedroom

When choosing furniture for your room, choose small items that will fit the room and will give enough space for you to move. Just like in the picture above, a small bed, a small movable cabinet and a top to bottom closet is all you need to complete your bedroom design.

9.  Contemporary Bedroom With A Human Picture Décor

The lampshades are attached against the wall

Image source: abdesignelements

When choosing a lampshade, be sure to choose something that can be mounted on your wall just like in the above picture. This will help in utilizing the empty spaces on the wall and prevent you from occupying more space on the floor.

10.    Well Lighted Orderly Bedroom

the room will never look crowded instead it is more comfortable and relaxing

image source:  kattgor

Lastly, keep your room clean and orderly. A well-lighted, orderly room as shown in the picture above will allow the air to circulate your room to keep it well ventilated. When kept orderly, the room will never look crowded instead it is more comfortable and relaxing.

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