Small Home Office

Stunning design ideas for the small bedroom

Modern living has done away with big things. Big cars that are gas guzzlers are out; small Japanese compact cars are in. Big offices are out; big offices divided into small cubicles are in. Big houses are out; small apartments and condominium are in. Since small spaces go with the apartment and condo living, rooms are packed in to fit the space allotted to it. Some even only have the studio type where everything is one big space, with the bathroom having a small separate room of its own. Lucky are the ones where living, dining and kitchen have ample spaces. Luckier still when there’s a bedroom even a tiny one that is separated. But small bedrooms can be made to look stunning with these design ideas that we have gathered.

 1. Small black bed

small white tables

This small black bed for one is a great design with cabinets below it for storage space. The Black and white diamond shaped floor tiles blended seamlessly to the black bed. The small white tables are beautiful designs.

 2.  Black floors and cabinets

ikea bedroom design

The grey bed makes a stunning blend with the black floors and cabinets. The mirror on the floor reflected images that helped to make the bedroom bigger. The black tall cabinet on the side of the bed is great for storing things.

  1.  Colorful Furniture

yellow splashes of color

The yellow splashes of color given by the cabinets and table made this room cheerful and bright. The intricate design of the bed’s headboard is fantastic and gave a statement to this white room.

  1.  Colorful Wallpaper

Colorful Wallpaper

The colorful wallpaper design on the wall over the bed made this room look fantastic. The cabinets flanking the bed are great storage spaces. The lamps attached to the sides of the cabinets are great designs.

  1.   Small Home Office

Small Home Office

This great design for a small bedroom is fantastic. Shelves in front of the bed not only could store books and other things, even the TV can be neatly tucked in it. The small home office near the wall looks wonderful.

6. Small Bedroom with Shelving Storage

shelving as a headboard

The use of a four poster bed in a small bedroom could actually help to make it look bigger. The cabinets at the back of the bed are a great space for storage. The use of curtains to hide the cabinet from view is fantastic.

  1. Ikea Small Bedroom

small bedroom

Cabinets and open shelves placed in front of the bed gave ample storage space and at the same time made the room look wonderful for its neat and compact image.

  1. Cabinets Flanking

Cabinets Flanking

The cabinets flanking the bed are great storage ideas as well as design. The additional cabinets below the bed are a lovely idea and add more storage space.

  1.  Clothes Storage

Clothes Storage

Cabinets found at the side of the bed looks fantastic for clothes storage and at the same time look great too. The wallpaper design is a beautiful design and made this room look amazing.

10.   Shelf Above Bed

storage space

Cabinets flanking the bed and over it are great for storage space. The design on the wall between the bed and the cabinet made this room look fantastic.

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