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Stunning Attic Bedroom Designs

You like the feeling at the attic room. Stunning Attic Bedroom Designs give you the free warm. It looks that it is the coziest part of the house. Roof that you can almost reach and that secluded retreat it offers provide you that great shelter. It is a place where positive moments are to be reminisced as that sunshine cast to this place creates that warm and encouraging feeling in you.

For sure, you are familiar with an attic, right? It is a part of a building or a house that is directly under the roof. It is sometimes warm and cold depending on the weather. Most attics are used for storage, especially if it is too low for people to walk in. But there are attics that are utilized as a bedroom, bathroom, study room, living room, entertainment room and others. This goes to show that an attic is actually a useful place only if it is designed well.

So let’s take a look at some attic bedroom designs that generate such pleasant motion.

1. Rustic Summer in Heritage Community Trinity Beach Style

1 Rustic Summer

This nicely looking bed with a wonderful shelf under is beautifully laid at the center of this room. The blue color in whitewash treatment brings coolness in this place. The layout is lovely and the choice of simple bedside table and lazy chairsare perfect in this room.

2. Rustic Stress Free mountain home in Mentone Alabama

2 Rustic

This a great looking daybed pushed against the wall to create that wide space in this room.  The use of stained white wall all over the place creates that rustic cozy look. It seems sweet smelling that is inviting for a little girl who goes to a transition of going solo in her new bedroom.

3. Rooms to Inspire by the Sea

3 traditional-bedroom

A queenly treatment in an attic room with pull down curtains laid in those attenuated steel black rods that hold this crisp and fresh smelling linen look well with the beddings. Two simple chairs guarding that hanging lamps are nice room accents making this place simply elegant.

4. Rooms to Inspire by the Sea

This is a lovely attic bedroom with nice built-in long upholstered bench near the window.  It is storage as well that plays good with another door cabinet near the dresser area. The brown mirror and dresser table look good with the beige surrounding of the room. It looks to be a good place of retreat, quiet and tranquil.

5. Sea cliff Remodel Contemporary

5 contemporary-bedroom

All white in surrounding with a beige carpet under the bed creates a warm feel on the feet. Long couch in that great natural light gives anothercozy feel.

6. Katie Electric Kids

6 eclectic-kids

This nice feel attic bedroom design takes its boost from its glossy floor appeal. An added oomph is given with yellow color accent wall with white bubble pattern design. Carpet in great bright colors and natural light from the window are blended all together to create a vibrant mood in this place.

7. Richmond Park Transitional Kids

7 transitional-kids

This is a spacious attic bedroom with a living room. A skylight atop is a lovely sight and a great way for night watching. Big dipper is right across the bed waiting to be seen in its magnificent shine. An astronomy nook is right there at the window for sky watching at night.

8. Beaux Art Residence

8 traditional-bedroom

This is a nice sleeping niche at the attic. That lovely flower wallpaper and choice of bedlinen, its comfort and clean touch, gives you a delightful feeling. You can’t wait to go home to have this cozy place cuddle you.

9. Crane island Cabin Modern Bedroom

10 Crane Island Cabin

To create a warm atmosphere, installing wood panel ceiling and wall in your attic bedroom can be a good accent that gives this place that brilliant look. Bedside tables with lamps create an added glow perfect to keep warm.

10. White Contemporary Bedroom With Wall Art Deco

white bedroom with wall art

A brightly looking attic bedroom with a nice white board coupled with a perfect floor gloss. It is a lovely idea to have that built-in study desk extension for a real quiet and reflective time in the morning. This place looks gorgeous both in daytime and nighttime. It is simple, uncluttered, and airy, a perfect retreat. The picture frames on the wall and the colour painted canvas on the wall adds art décor features to this attic bedroom.

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