small bedroom arrangement ideas

Delightful designs for a small bedroom and even elegant looking that you will be proud of. Small bedrooms are now the trend ever since apartment and condominium living was established. Living in the suburbs used to be the trend but commuting to and from work requires a ton of energy and stress so people opt out for smaller living spaces in order to do away with it. Furniture manufacturers and designers have changed their designs too, from big to small. But then, small would not necessarily mean ugly and cramped. There is a lot that can be done with small spaces that would even outshine those big spaces.

Here are some designs to make your very own bedroom delightful.

1. Stylish and Trendy Small Bedroom

Stylish and Trendy Small Bedroom

This small bedroom looks stylish and trendy. The big bed set against the window is a great idea as it leaves more space to walk around. The period cabinet looks fantastic and gave character to this bedroom.

2. Pink Side Table Build

Pink Side Table Build

The built in pink side table is a wonderful design and is the focal point of this bedroom. It contrasted beautifully with the blue walls and the white bed. The flowers are a nice touch.

3. Perfect Big Bed

Perfect Big Bed

The big bed is just perfect for this small bedroom. It did not overwhelm it as it became the focal point of the room. The black and white design of the pillows contrasted nicely with the beige colored ones.

4. Big Bed Against Window Concept

Bed Against Window Concept

A big bed set against a window actually worked for this small bedroom. The cabinet at the side helped to avoid clutter which could actually make a space look narrow.

5. Chintz Design

Chintz Design

The chintz design of the bed covers and pillows contrasted wonderfully with the light blue walls of this small bedroom. The intricate design of the headboard blended seamlessly with the white flower design on the wall.

6. White Interior Color

White Interior Color

Using white as interior color makes a room look big and the picture here proves the point. The all white interior, bed and furnishings may be mind blowing but splashes of color can be added to accent.

7. Warm Color of Brown

Warm Color of Brown

Brown is such a warm color and this bedroom looks inviting because of it. The gray color of the walls contrasted nicely with the browns and the big artwork on the wall is a great accent.

8. Fantastic Color Combination

Fantastic Color Combination

A black, pink and white bedroom that looks fantastic. The pink pompom art on the wall is a nice accent. The black bed and table bring to sharp focus the whiteness of the walls.

9. Color Playing Design

Color Playing Design

The play of colors on this bedroom gave it a very lively and cheerful feeling. The green and white zigzag design on the cabinets is fantastic. The colorful headboard contrasted fabulously with the red side table and white curtains. This is truly a delightful bedroom.

10. Wonderful Blue Walls Ideas

Wonderful Blue Walls Ideas

The blue walls of this bedroom contrasted wonderfully with the white side table and black bed. The colorful design placed on the headboard is a great accent. The different colors of the pillows gave the bed an inviting appeal. The white lampshade is a nice touch.

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