Bright Green Headboard Bedroom

Headboards for your Beds ideas

Headboards for your Beds gives you comfort and assurance. Many of us do not know the real function of headboards. It is not just for decoration. Headboards will make your bed more comfortable to sleep with. This will make you warmer especially when the bed is positioned near a cold wall. It would also protect you from drafts. This would also serve as a back rest. Some headboards have built in storage for you to put your things. In this method, you can minimize the clutter in your bedroom. It would also give you comfort if you are watching television, reading a book or eating when your prop yourself up. Headboards are also used for display. Some artwork can be put in a headboard. Some also have built in frames for display.
In choosing headboards, it should fall under function, display and comfort. But, it does not mean that all three traits should be present, one can be accepted. This would depend on the owner.
1. Minimalist Headboard bedroom

Minimalist Headboard bedroom
If you have a minimalist bedroom, you should consider this kind of headboard. The designer used three panels to make the wall pop. The middle panel is made up of recycled press wood while the top and bottom panel is made out of tight grain ash.
2.  Bright Green Headboard Bedroom

Bright Green Headboard Bedroom
This bright green headboard is perfect for a music lover. With the colors and patterns of the bedroom, the headboard complements the room and the décor.
3. Upholstered Headboard Bedroom

Upholstered Headboard Bedroom
In this bedroom, the headboard is upholstered. Together with the bedside tables, the headboard creates an illusion of a larger space in the bedroom. The pattern of the headboard complements with the beddings for a contemporary style.

4. Two Toned Headboard Bedroom

Two Toned Headboard Bedroom
Having a simple design of headboard can make a room chic. Create a vertical impact by taking the headboard to the ceiling. Having a two toned headboard can be used to separate the sleeping area and the sitting area in a large bedroom.

5. Luxurious Leather Headboard Bedroom

Luxurious Leather Headboard Bedroom
Want your bedroom to be luxurious? Have a leather headboard and pair it with a leather bed skirt. The leather material says it all.
6. Bright Red Headboard Bedroom

Bright Red Headboard Bedroom
A bright red headboard with diamond tufting gives a bedroom a luxurious and polished look together with polyester silk accents. Every girl teen would surely love this design.
7. Elegant Wooden Screen Headboard Bedroom

Elegant Wooden Screen Headboard Bedroom
Having a screen as your headboard is a masterpiece. An elegant wooden screen with a metallic sheen in your monochromatic master bedroom will make your room elegant.


8. Traditional Upholstered Headboard

Traditional Upholstered Headboard
A traditional upholstered headboard will make your bedroom classic. A grid of squares covered in tan fabric for the headboard. The simple accessories and calm blue surrounding makes the bedroom a taste of soothing spa retreat.
9. Grid-like Headboard

Grid-like Headboard
Do you need a headboard that is functional? Try having this grid-like headboard. The built in headboard spans two walls will provide storage for your books and collectibles. A structured backdrop paired with bright silk bedding would be perfect.

10. Contemporary Headboard Bedroom

Contemporary Headboard Bedroom
In a contemporary bedroom, try adding a huge painting hung over the sleek bed to create a dramatic focal point. Use the painting as the headboard.

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