Bedroom with cabinets on both sides of the bed

Gorgeous Small Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms are very important rooms since this is our personal space and sanctuary after a grueling day of work. All our worldly goods are usually kept in our bedrooms because this is one room that belongs solely to us. Home office is even placed inside the bedroom if owner works at home so files and documents are kept private. Since most of us are not so lucky as to have a home nearer our workplace, we have no choice but to live in either apartments or condominiums. This gives us limited space and one of the rooms that gets smaller space would be the bedroom. We’ve come up with tips and suggestions that could make that small bedroom gorgeous.

1. White Bedroom Design

Bedroom with an art work on the wall

The big white bed literally filled up the whole space but looks fantastic. The small plant at the window sill is a nice accent. The white walls helped to make it recede and made the room look bigger. The big art work on the wall is a nice touch.

2. Long Narrow Room

Bedroom with the bed against the window

This is a long narrow room that was made to look fantastic. Placing the bed against the window maximized space and yet let in natural lighting. The white walls and cabinets helped to make the walls recede creating a bigger space and the plant is a nice touch.

3. Small Bedroom

Bedroom with cabinets on both sides of the bed

Using wallpaper designs on the walls of a small bedroom is a nice idea like what is shown here. The cabinets that are placed on both sides of the bed not only gives storage space but also looks great since it matched perfectly with the walls and floor.

4. Bright Bedroom

Small bedroom

The big windows let in natural lighting and made this bedroom look brighter. The white color of the walls helped to make it recede making the room look bigger and the white fluffy area rug is a nice touch.

5. Small Bedroom With Storage

White bedrooom design

This small bedroom made use of a small bench to serve as a nightstand and made it look beautiful. The white walls and bed helped to create an image of a bigger room and the floating shelf above the bed is a great accent.

6. Small Home Office 

Bedroom with an office

The desk of the small home office adjacent to the bed also served as a nightstand at the same time thus saving space. The brown area rug is a nice touch.

7. Bedroom With Shelves

Small bedroom idea

The big white filled up the whole room but the clever idea of having shelves on the walls gave not only storage space but looks beautiful. The tree décor at the corner is a fantastic accent.

 8. Hooks On The Walls 

Hooks on the walls helped to minimize clutter

The plain white walls of this small bedroom helped to make it recede creating a bigger image. The hooks on the walls helped to minimize clutter.

 9. Small Narrow Bedroom

Bedroom with the huge bed on the window

Putting the huge bed on the window made this small narrow bedroom look fantastic. It also freed space for a home office.

10. Gorgeous Small Bedroom

Bedroom with floating shelves

Putting floating shelves high up on the walls not only minimized clutter, it made the ceiling look high creating a bigger room image. The mismatched area rugs are a nice touch.


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