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Craftsman Bedroom Design Ideas

The American Craftsman style is an art movement that begun during the last years of the 19th century. The style developed from the Arts and Crafts movement, a reaction against the Industrial Revolution. The movement promoted the hand work over mass production. The earliest examples of Craftsman homes were build in California. An iconic home, belonging to the Craftsman style, is the Gamble House, designed by architects Charles and Henry Greene, in 1908.

Craftsman homes are constructed by hand, using local materials. The purpose is to create a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. There are many characteristics that will help you identify an authentic Craftsman home. In this article we’ll walk through 10 beautiful Craftsman bedroom designs and explore a few characteristics of the style.

1. Craftsman style: General Characteristics 

 Craftsman style bedroom

Craftsman style is a reaction to the Victorian style. It promotes simplicity rather than excessive ornamentation. The style puts an emphasis on simple elegance and original, handcrafted designs. Craftsman homes have open floor plans.

2. Opt for an earthy color palette

four poster craftman bedroom

Craftsman style uses earthy colors. You may opt for dusted or muted colors, but avoid the bright ones. Darker colors create a more natural atmosphere.

3. Wood: Beautiful warmth and texture

craftmans bedroom idea

The main used material is wood. The Craftsman house feature handmade woodwork, usually with dark finishes. The warmth and texture of the wood creates a pleasant and nurturing environment.

4. Other commonly used materials 

wooden beams

Other commonly used materials are tile, brick and stone.

5. The beauty of natural light 

multiple windows

The Craftsman style puts an emphasis on natural light. Having multiple windows will allow light to flood the room and create a beautiful, warm atmosphere.

6. Choosing the right furniture for your Craftsman bedroom

 Craftsman bedroom

Craftsman furniture is defined by a simple design, classic beauty, durability and functionality. According to Gustav Stickley, “Craftsman furniture is … as perfectly finished as was the work of the old cabinet-makers in the days of the handicrafts. One of its chief claims to beauty is its fine plainness, but this means neither crudity nor lack of finish, any more than the strong and massive designs mean clumsiness. In this lies the difference between Craftsman furniture and the many imitations of it found on the market.”

7. Handcrafted items 

Craftsman house

Craftsman house were decorated with handcrafted items, belonging to the Arts and Crafts movement. William Morris was the most influential designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His company produced beautiful wallpapers and textiles. His legacy continues with Morris & Co. If you’re looking for textile inspiration for you Craftsman bedroom, take a look at their designs.

8. The charm of the fireplace 

charm of the fireplace

Fireplaces had a special place in the Craftsman home. It usually has a central placement and it’s the focal point of the room. It was used as a gathering place for relaxing and socializing.

9. Modern beach craftsman bedroom


This bedroom is a modern approach to the classic craftsman bedroom. Important features such as lack of ornamentation, focus on functionality and overall simplicity were takes from the craftsman style.

10. Craftsman bedroom- Modern approach

modern craftman bedroom

You can take create an eclectic craftsman bedroom that suits your needs. You can introduce pastel or bright colors, as long as you keep the main features of the style.

Craftsman style conquered the hearts of many, through its simplicity and warmth. Would you like to wake up in a Craftsman bedroom?

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