The desk really stands out in the room

Cool Loft Beds With Desk For Adults

Bed designs and concepts have really changed over the years. Space is one of the major factors that have largely influenced the formation of beds over the years. The contemporary small apartments usually call for space saving furniture which has been duly addressed by loft beds. In this case you have a bed lofted up so that you can easily utilize the floor space below for some other reason- be it for another bed or sofa or study area or playing zone. Thus, here you are getting the benefit of dual functionality over a single floor space.

Loft beds are a type of bed that adds a dash of enigmatic charm to any interior that they grace. They are a very good idea if you want to combine stylish space-conscious designs with cool solutions. Loft beds that have desks let you work and eat while in bed. Here are some cool Loft Beds With Desk For Adults ideas:

1.   Well Designed Loft Bed With A Desk

The desk really stands out in the room

The picture shows a very well designed loft bed with a desk in grey color scheme. The desk has a simple design and is made of wood. The desk really stands out in the room among all the dull and light colors.

2.   Well Managed Room

Loft of the bed has a shelf and a small table

Here you see a well managed room, despite the little space available. The bed is in matching color to the white walls. The loft of the bed has a shelf and a small table which serves the purpose of a night bed side table.

3.   Chocolate Brown And White Bedroom

The bed has a headboard of wrought iron

The color palette used is chocolate brown and white. The bed has a headboard of wrought iron with a natural look. There is a suitcase like seating right in front of the bed with wooden legs.

4.   Simple Loft Bed With Matching DeskAnd Shelves

The bed and all the other furnishings are in white

The picture shows, a simple loft bed with matching desk and shelves on its either sides. The bed and all the other furnishings are in white. The legs of the bed have little circular detailing that looks very interesting.

5.   Simple White Loft Bed And A Elongated Desk

Clean and minimal room design

The most clean and minimal design for a room. A simple white loft bed and a elongated desk just in front of it. The desk occupies one entire part of the wall and is perfect with the drawers and cabinets for storage and is also well lit.

6.   Nice And Comfortable Bed

Loft bed with bedside tables

If you have a very small space and are not being able to figure out how to design it, them here is the best way out. A nice and comfortable bed that is accurately sized for the room like this one is that you need. The creative idea of using your painting or tool tables as bedside tables is surely great. The white color scheme usually works best for these designs.

7.   Classic Bed With A Small Desk

Beige and brown bedroom design

If you wish for a warmer look, go for more saturated shades like the one here in beige and brown. The classic bed duly matches the decor and lighting of the room. The desk is small yet perfect for the room.

8.   Simple Bed With A Simple Desk

Loft bed with desk for adults

A less furnished look with a simple bed and the most simple desk on its side. The wall behind the bed is made of wood but has been made in shade that is little different from the flooring, so that it stands out from the rest.

9.   Vintage Styled Space

Vintage styled space with similar themed desk

A vintage styled space with similar themed desk. The wooden desk has brass hinges for the purpose of knobs and a wide mirror.

10.   Bedroom And Bathroom Design

Bedroom and bathroom design idea

Having a connected bedroom and bathroom is great if you have a huge space like this one. The picture shows a very good way in which simple designs can look stunning too.

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