10 Cheap Nightstand Ideas

A nightstand can really change the look of your room. It is essential to choose objects that match the style of your room as a whole. Nightstands are available in all sizes and shapes you can think of. They can also be customized and personalized. A nightstand also provides you with a handy table like addition to the bedroom. There is always a budget that you have to work in and here are some of the Cheap Nightstand Ideas that will help you save money.


1.   Simple And Vintage Styled Nightstand

Solid white nightstand design

The nightstand is a simple and vintage styled. It is in a solid white color that will match in most of the room styles. The rod of the lamp or the handle has been hand painted. The stand is custom made and you can always do your own modifications.


2.   Simple And Perfect Nightstand

Nightstand for kid's room

This nightstand is simple and perfect for your kids’ room. It is a bell shaped lamp that can be easily kept anywhere from top of a stack of boxes to a neat table. It provides the right amount of light that you want.


3.   Beautiful Porcelain Nightstand

Nighstand with linen bell shade and a wooden base

The nightstand is made of porcelain and is beautiful. It has linen bell shade and a wooden base that is a footed cherry like shape. It crackles up subtly in beige tone and provides with a warm look to the room. The body of the lamp is vase shaped and provides a look of elegance to your room.

4.   White Traditional Shaped Lamp

The  height of the nightstand reaches just till the bed

The height of the nightstand should be chosen according to that of your room. The one in the picture is the ideal height that reaches just till the bed. The lamp is the traditional shaped lamp in white color.


5.   vintage Looking Turquoise Lamp

Master bedroom with a vintage turquoise lamp

The lamp is a vintage looking turquoise lamp. It is a lamp that will be ideal for your master bedroom where the turquoise color shall make the room feel calm and warm.


6.   Lampshade With A Distressed Look

The lampshade perfectly matches the wrought iron furnitur

The lampshade perfectly matches the wrought iron furniture and has a distressed look. The lamp has a vintage type base and a coastal beachy feel shade to it.


7.   White Nightstand

Flowers makes this room look more stunning

A nightstand can change the look of your room. If you do not want to spend much you can simply paint the table as you like it. Just a dash of paint here and there will give you a new look altogether.


8.   Bold Patterned Nightstand

Nightstand with bold black and white lines

The stand is very basic and has just bold patterns to it. The bold black and white lines are sure to catch your attention. It will fit in any room and provide a happy feeling.


9.   White Bedroom Design

The flower vase is placed on the suitecases

The look of a cottage by the beach you can use some old tin or boxes or suitcases that have been painted in solid colors such as white by your bedside. It will serve well for keeping things and is a unique and cheap way of changing the look of the room.


10.   Small Nightstan Idea

The nightstand is a very minimalist designed furniture

The nightstand is a very minimalist designed furniture. It is simple and has wrought iron legs and a wooden base. The space between the legs can be utilized as well. You can also have it designed to the size that you want and is sufficient for you to keep things.

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