Black White Themed Bedroom Interior Ideas Luxury Bedroom

Big Designs for the small bedroom

Big Designs for the small bedroom is really possible with working creative minds. Small bedrooms used to be a major headache for an apartment dweller but not anymore. Small bedrooms are now the trend ever since urban living has been growing in leaps and bounds. Furniture makers have adjusted to the change from big to small and designers have also come up with clever ideas on how to maximize space without doing away with aesthetics. Smaller bedrooms need space saving ideas and one of the things that could make a space smaller would be clutter. If everything is stored away, free space is created and gives a feeling of airiness.

Here are some big designs for the small bedroom that would not only make it seem to look bigger but fantastic as well.

1. Big White Bed Arrangement

Big White Bed Arrangement

The big white bed was set against the window and the window sills served as extra shelves thus saving space and also making it look fabulous. The bed was also flanked by a small cabinet at one side and a higher table at the other with matching lampshades giving character to this bedroom.

2. White Walls and Bed Concept

White Walls and Bed Concept

White walls and bed could help create an image of a bigger room and the example proves the point. White cabinets set against the wall became alive after plants were placed on it as decor. The white lovely chandelier at the corner is a nice touch.

3. Black Out Curtains

Black Out Curtains

Setting the big bed near the window could actually save space and natural light coming in from the window could help brighten it. The use of bold colors and patterns for the pillows helps to create a lively feeling.

4. Small White Bedroom with Storage


This small white bedroom had the right idea when it installed cabinets to provide storage space. The extended table is a great design and could function as office table or nightstand.

5. Hanging Shelves Ideas

Hanging Shelves Ideas

The hanging shelves on the walls made great storage space and created an uncluttered look to this bedroom. Having a big cabinet under the bed is a fantastic idea.

6. Brown and White Walls Combination

Brown and White Walls Combination

The combination of brown and white walls on this bedroom made it look fantastic. The brown curtains on the window gave a feeling of warmth to the room.

7. Bedroom Light Fixtures Light Wall

modern bedroom

The lime green color that was used on the walls of this small bedroom made it look beautiful. The color of the walls blended seamlessly with the brown period piece cabinet and gave a homey feeling to this bedroom.

8. Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

The red color of the bed’s base board brings into sharp focus the warm brown color of this bedroom. This gave a feeling warmth and coziness image to the bedroom.

9. Black White Themed Bedroom Interior Ideas Luxury Bedroom

Black White Themed Bedroom Interior Ideas Luxury Bedroom

This black and white bedroom is awesome. Its small space did not detract from making it look stunning. The use of a wallpaper with bold patterns at the head of the bed did not overwhelm the room because of the white walls that predominated it.

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