black and white bedroom

Sensational bedroom ideas for teenagers

Teenagers bedrooms are now the focus of design ideas simply because teenagers are on the brink of adulthood and this seems to be the last stage in their life where they can still be dependent on mom and dad. This is also the happiest and most carefree time in the life cycle of man where everything is questioned, tried and tested. When it comes to bedroom designs, teenagers have definite ideas on what they want. Parents may not like it all the time but if it’s reasonable it would be best to let it be. We’ve come up with some bedroom ideas that would make the room look sensational.

1. Murphy Beds

loft bed

This loft room would be a great design for a teen boy. Placing a study table below the loft bed is a wonderful and space saving idea.

2. Big beach mural design

big beach mural design

The big beach mural design on the wall matches the blue and gold checkered design of the bedcovers. The laminated wood floors contrasted nicely with the blue theme and made this unisex designed bedroom fantastic.

3. White bedroom with shelves

pink-bedroomThis red and white bedroom with shelves flanking the bed is a fantastic design not only for the way it looked but for the ample storage space that it provides. The small pictures on the bed’s wall and small art are a perfect for the black and white bedcover. The red pillows are a nice accent.

4. New York art work

art work

The big New York art work on the wall is a fantastic décor for this grey and white bedroom. The use of New York buildings on the bedcovers and pillows make this bedroom look stylish and sensational.

5. Red Flowers Pattern

Red Flowers Pattern bedroom

The mint green walls made a wonderful contrast to the red flowers pattern on the curtains of the window. The multi colored stripe design of the bedcovers contrasted fantastically with the zebra black and white stripes of the area rug. The gold frame of the big round mirror is a great accent.

  Small Space Loft Bed

 loft bed design

The loft bed design will always be popular because of the space it can save and look great as well. The loft bed shown here looks great and the day bed below and chairs make it an instant living room.

 6. White bedroom

black and white bedroom

This white bedroom used wood for the bed and cabinets and the results look amazing. The floating shelves on the wall give storage space as the drawers below the bed. The home study table is a nice design.

 7. Black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom

This black and white bedroom looks gorgeous.

8. Headboards Architecture

 gray door headboard

The gray door that is used as a headboard is a great design and matches fantastically with the white walls. The silver buckets that is placed on top of a cabinet and the art on the wall make this room look fabulous.

9. White wood panels

White wood panels

The white wood panels used on the floor are a fantastic design for the black and white bedroom.

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