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Bedroom Ideas for a Contemporary Apartment

Contemporary apartments are all about keeping decorations and furniture simple and clean. Most contemporary interiors go for the minimal look with few fixtures with no nonsense furniture. However, in a contemporary interior, comfort must not be taken away. In fact, it must be enhanced especially in contemporary bedrooms. This is because due to the fact that accessories are minimal, comfort and coziness should be the highlight.

There are lots of other designs for a contemporary bedroom. Just bear in mind the important factors to consider in having a contemporary bedroom which are the following: simplicity, comfort, and cleanliness. So it is important to keep your room organized and uncluttered for the contemporary look to be successful. Here are some great bedroom ideas for contemporary apartment bedrooms.

1. Contemporary Bedroom In Earth Tones

Earth tones are more relaxed and simpler

For colors, one can usually find contemporary bedrooms in earth tones. Earth tones are more relaxed and simpler. Go for natural wooden colored bed frames and bedside tables. White sheets and fabrics also keep up with the simple and minimalist look. Add other colored fixtures like a green potted plant to break the monotone.

2.  Elegant Bed-and Dark Headboard    

Contemporary bedroom interior idea

You can still go for elegance and simplicity in a contemporary bedroom. Instead of warm earth tones go for darker colors like black or gray in your furniture pieces. You can have a black headboard paired up with a white or cream sheeted bed. Bedside tables can also come in the dark colors that are more or less the same with the headboard color.

3. Contemporary Bedroom With The Wooden Bed

Contemporary bedroom idea with earth tones

It is also nice to use earth tones for your furniture pieces, as well as your bed frame while matching it with dark colored fabrics and bed sheets, like gray and black. This design trick produces a more manly and sturdy effect to your bedroom. Pattern your carpet, other accessories, and decorations to the color of your bed sheet.

4.  Wide Bed Mattress

traditional bed matress

Comfort and coziness is an important factor in a contemporary bedroom. It is often that you’ll find contemporary bedrooms with wide bed mattresses that are heavily padded yet soft. Big beds are also good for relaxing which is one key element in a contemporary bedroom.

5. Classy Bedroom

bed with extra pillows

You can also add several pillows to heighten up the comfort factor in your bed. To add extra coziness factor to your big bed mattress you also need to have comfortable sheets that are made of fabrics that aren’t itchy. Fabrics also help improve the look of your minimally designed bedroom so it’s alright if you have designs and patterns in them.

6.  Bedroom Design For Men


It is also advisable if you add a comfortable chair to your bed room. Chairs that are also padded and wide can add to the relaxation factor of your bedroom. Make sure that the chair design you choose is simple yet elegant, and goes well with the other furniture pieces in your bedroom.

7. Modern Bedroom With Storage

Modern bedroom idea

Have storage spaces that are simple looking yet smart. It is good if you choose bedside tables which can double as sock or underwear drawers. You can surround your bed with a storage space for books that also has cabinets in them for other stuff that needs storage.

8.   Simple Bedroom Design With Floating Shelves

 hanging shelves

Have hanging or floating shelves for stuff that you want to display in your bedroom. You can put your photo frames, books, figurines, and other trinkets in those hanging shelves. This is a clever idea in terms of adding a more personal touch to your simple bedroom.

9. Simple And Relaxed Looking Bedroom

neat and minimalist bedroom

Lighting is also important in achieving that simple and relaxed look. There are lots of light fixtures in the market, choose those that give off soft light. Soft lighting makes the room warmer and cozier.

10.  Modern Bedroom With Beautiful Wall Light

Modern bedroom idea

You can have lampshades on both sides of the bed, or you can have wall lights that can highlight your bed even more. Wall lights are also nice because they don’t take up too much space. It is also better if you have light fixtures incorporated in your ceiling fan; this makes the ceiling area cleaner and organized while keeping your room bright.

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