10 Lively And Colorful Attic Bedrooms

Attic Bedrooms is a way that would certainly be fulfilling if your home’s space is used well by building a bedroom in your attic that can creates different designed to beautify your attic bedroom.Converting your attic in to a bedroom is a wise idea especially if you need another room and you do not have enough space for it. This would be a good investment especially if the attic has great insulation. You cannot just directly turn an attic into a bedroom. You need to check first the building codes, support structures, electrical and plumbing systems, and access are available. It is always best to get help from a professional about this conversion and then you can design your attic into a bedroom in no time.
Remodeling your attic can be quite a challenge but after you have done it, you will really appreciate the work that you have done. Find an inspiration to do this thing and enjoy the fruitful labor of it. Here are some ideas on how you can design your attic bedrooms.
1. Angled Walls Bedroom

Angled Walls Bedroom
The angled walls are decorated with team logos and artwork. A gridiron pattern was created on the lower walls of this room.
2. Simple Neutral Attic Bedroom

Simple Neutral Attic Bedroom
Using the roof as windows is not a bad idea. The shaded skylight is necessity that you have in turning the attic into a bedroom. To keep the room warm and sunny, retract the shade and then you can pull it down if you want to sleep more during the morning.
3. Bead Board Attic Bedroom

Bead Board Attic Bedroom
The bead board is placed on the ceiling instead of the walls. If you want to have your room to have an illusion of height in space, have a lighter color on the ceiling. This would also keep your space bright.
4. Green and White Minimalistic Attic Bedroom

Green and White Minimalistic Attic Bedroom
This bedroom is in minimalist design. The green and white is a perfect combination for a simple yet classic bedroom. Shelves are used as a headboard for storage of books and other collectibles. The bed is placed opposite the window for a bright light that you will experience upon waking up. What a great way to meet the morning.
5. Light and Simple Attic Bedroom

Light and Simple Attic Bedroom
Keeping it light and simple would also be perfect to those who do not like their bedrooms to be overly designed. With the right furniture and decors, you can have a room that is perfect for you.
6. Comtemporary Colored Attic Bedroom

Comtemporary Colored Attic Bedroom
Having these kinds of colors will give off contemporary feeling to the owner. The ceiling is also used as windows.


7. Country Style Designed Bedroom

Country Style Designed Bedroom
This looks like a country-style designed bedroom. The dry wood matches with the furniture inside the room and as well as the concept of the room. Complementing each item inside the room is a perfect touch.

8. Small Attic Bedroom with Mini Library

Small Attic Bedroom with Mini Library

A small attic bedroom is perfect for teens who like silence and relaxation ahead of them. A mini library would be a perfect touch to this bedroom. The shelf is not only for books but also for collectibles and other stuff. Put a rug or small carpet with a small cushion to add more meaning to your bedroom.

9. Visually Attractive Attic Bedroom

Visually Attractive Attic Bedroom
Simple but visually attractive, this would be perfect for resting after a long day at work or school. Simple colors that match together are a perfect touch.
10. Bright and Sunny Attic Bedroom

Bright and Sunny Attic Bedroom
A bright and sunny attic bedroom.








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