tufted headboard

10 Cool Ideas For Bedrooms

Cool Ideas , Bedroom is a very important part of the house and we all want to go there and just relax after a long day. Bedrooms are rooms where you have your space and privacy. The room should be based on your temperament and should suit your personality. The color schemes, the decor and everything of the room will point out on what you like and dislike. Here are some great ideas that will help you decide on a style that you want for your room.

1. Neutral Beige Color on Walls

Neutral Beige Color on Walls

The room shows how well space can be utilized. The neutral beige color on the walls makes the room look cozy. The wooden flooring and the furniture all blend in with the color and provides a natural look.

2. Tufted Headboard

tufted headboard

The room is a beautiful one in colors of grey and purple. The chandelier and the tufted headboard surely catch your attention at very first sight. The bedding, rugs, side tables everything has strict geometrical patterns and has a clean look.

3.   Mid-Century Bedroom Style

Bedroom with a pendant lamp dangles from the ceiling

Instead of a table lamp there is a pendant lamp that dangles from the ceiling and catches your eye. A stylish chair in white has been used in place of a table. It provides with more space for all the clothes, books and things that you want to keep. The walls also have wooden panelling that will make the room warm.

4.   Orange Bedroom with vintage Lighting

Cool idea for orange bedroom

The room though has a minimal look, with the pop of orange color in the bedding makes it very attractive. The contemporary styled room has a unique and modern centrepiece with vintage bulbs fitted to it. It is also a smart way to keep the color of the room neutral but to just add a tint of pop according to your mood through the bedding.

5.   White Yellow And Black Bedroom

Bedroom with shaggy chairs

The room has the most fabulous color combination of white, yellow and black. The white floor helps in lifting up the pattern on the yellow bedding and the shapes of the shaggy chairs. The sleek black dress and the lampshade add to the beauty along with the right amount of yellow color.

6.   Modern Bedroom With Large Windows

Large windows overlook to the natural beauty outside

The room has large windows that overlook to the natural beauty outside. Having a clerestory picture window above the bed just like in this one is a great idea as you can have the privacy you want and even the view when the curtains are drawn.

7.   Grey,Beige Bedroom

Bedroom with comfortable couch

The room has a wonderful color palette of grey and beige. The shape of the headboard is very different and matches perfectly with the draperies of the room to provide serenity to the room. Having a comfortable couch in the bedroom just makes it better.

8   Cool Idea For Rustic Bedroom

Bedroom with a fireplace

The room has real stones and real lighting beams indoors which gives it a very raw look. A fireplace with a painting right above it and all the pillows and rugs shout coziness. The small tables in front of the bed can be used to keep little things and even food and drinks.

9.   Ceiling Is Line With The Bed

Bedroom with a fireplace

The ceiling is line with the bed and has windows facing the bed. It has a corner fireplace and wooden panelling. The room has a lodge type look to it which is very rustic and romantic.

10.   Bedroom With Muted Color Palette

Bookshelves enclose the bed

It is a clutter free room that has a muted color palette. There are bookshelves enclosing the bed and built in storage space. The headboard and the side tables in shades of white and grey give it a clean hotel like look.


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