10 Asian Style Master Bedrooms

Bedroom Designs come in all sorts of themes and styles according to what the owner likes. The design could be associated with the owner’s beliefs,hobbies and lifestyle as the bedroom is such a personal room.

When we think of themes many would come into our minds.¬† In today’s list we are going feature Asian Style Master Bedrooms.

Master bedrooms are usually the large en-suite or just larger bedroom in the house and is mostly used by the owner of the house. It is usually occupied by the head of the house such parents to give them a relaxing space after working hard during the day. Have a look at some of the beautiful  Asian Theme Master bedroom interior designs we are showcasing today.

1. 011 Bedroomasian-bedroom-theme

Image: Garrett P. Nelson Studio
The red and white color scheme used in this bedroom design screams Chinese or Japanese. The decors and bed cover makes it clear that it is Asian.

2.161 Lama Temple Courtyard


image:  Lama Temple Courtyard Beijing

This bedroom design wall art has the Chinese style decor inspiration from the ceilings, window,bedding colors and pictures on the wall.




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