Using Gold For Bathroom Decorating

Gold remains one of the most luxurious colours there is, for its tribute to the precious metal of its namesake. And for lots of us, we want to experience luxury, elegance, and total relaxation when we use our bathrooms. For the hedonists amongst us, we like to know that we are receiving and experiencing the best that we can get, and part of that is recognising precious metals in our interior design.

Gold paint and gold coloured fixtures and fittings are easily available on the high street today, but it remains reminiscent of classic and luxury bathrooms with real gold leaf and even pure gold features.

These bathrooms decorating ideas are all inspire in their own ways, from traditional luxury to modern indulgence. Take a look for some alternative and high end inspiration for creating your ultimate bathroom getaway:

1. Small And Golden Bathroom

Bathroom with a mirror

Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from the midas touch. Add small golden fittings that don’t overpower the room for the best golden style.

2. Golden Accents

White bathroom with golden accent

A classic interior design skill is to add small accents of colour to an all white bathroom. THis also works with gold and other metallics, though gold is your best bet to achieve a luxurious and indulgent tone.

3. Black And Gold

modern golden bathroom

Make a modern golden bathroom with sleek black walls and fixtures, with smaller golden accents throughout.

4. Dramatic Black

Black bathrooom mixed with ornate gold

Black is a dramatic and brooding colour, and mixed with ornate gold creates a fantastically luxury atmosphere.

5. Total Elegance

Large bathroom with bold colours

This large bathroom lives up to it’s grand description with bold colours, striking gold features and an unusual layout.

6. Ornate Appliances

Classic bathroom design

For a classic, bold, and elegant style, add confident golden touches to your appliances and fittings throughout your entire bathroom.

7. Stand Out Mirror

Bathroom with huge art deco mirror

Make a statement with one bold golden piece in your bathroom, like this huge Art Deco mirror.

8. Subtle Golden Tiles

White bathroom with golden tiles

If you’re looking to make a subtle golden splash, adding small all art or gold fixtures to your bathroom can add a touch of luxury.

9. Beachy Gold And Blue

Bathroom with sandy golden and ocean themed blue tiles

Take yourself back to the beach with sandy golden tiles and ocean themed blues.

10. Roman Stone And Gold

Bathroom with gold coloured fixtures

For a Roman style bathroom, add gold coloured fixtures to a room with ornate decoration and stone appliances.

No matter how much gold you introduce to your bathroom, from small and subtle accents to entire gold features, it automatically adds a touch of luxury to the room.

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