Nice Small Bathroom

Unique Ideas for Designing Your Small Space Bathroom

If there is one place in the house that I like to hang out long, I will quickly tell it is none other than my bathroom. The bathroom says a lot something about us. It wears and projects our personalities. The colors you choose for your bathroom mood, the arrangement of your bathroom accessories, its scent, and its own radiant ambiance is nothing more than you. So, designing a bathroom is a very personal matter. It is where you put your very own signature. Whether it occupies a big or small place in your house, that very portion is where you get your full privacy. Yes, it is a place dedicated to give you comfort and a soothing feeling. Thus, it is important to choose your design according to your own personal taste.

If your bathroom space is something small, here are some suggested bathroom design ideas that will suit your unique personality and more importantly help you maximize the entire space you allotted for your bathroom.

 Bathroom Design with Blue Bathroom Tiles Picture

Image by: freshome


• Consider the shape of your bathroom. The images below look like a space-saver bathroom design. The first one is beautifully tiled in a soothing color of blue. The elegant look of the glass door that separates the bathroom from entrance looks inviting. The manner that the accessories are brought together in this very small space is so few. The second one is punctuated with white big and black designed tiles that give the bathroom a stunning look. Both create a corridor-look-like bath space, narrow though, but give an extension effect, making both bathrooms appear spacious. They bring out simple and minimalistic personality that creates a clutter-free environment that is so enticing.


Image by: proverime

Tiny Bathroom

Image by: freshome

• Consider fusing all the essential elements of the Small Space bathroom. This will give you the idea of how you can proportionally allot all your bathroom pieces to your small space. The arrangement of the bathroom pieces in the two pictures below makes both the sink and the toilet seats adjacent to the shower room. This is so functional that it provides easy mobility. This is a design good for single and busy people who may always be in a hurry to address their bathroom needs for some other important activities.

small bathroom design

Image by: lanite

small bathroom with green mat
Image by: proverime

• Consider planning the position of the bathroom elements. The pictures under show a well-arranged bathroom design that is perfect for a beginning couple. Both the white walls of these two bathrooms complement with the grayish wall color of the shower room. brick gray wall shower room. The light above the vanity mirror and the natural light coming from the window create an adequate glow that when it bounces to the white wall makes a clear light enough for your eyes to see your face as you cleanses and nourishes it. The contrasting personality of the couple is shown as the pervading white color of the wall is separated from grayish wall color of the shower room.

Nice Small Bathroom

Image by: celebrategreatermound

Small Bathroom design
Image by: housetohome

• Consider the color that will make your bathroom looks bigger. The lighter the color the more room will look greatly enormous. Color creates a change in the way we see things. It gives continuity that we can look beyond our eyes can reach. Like an independent spirit it lends freedom, allowing the person to bathe himself with much pamper and comfort.

small bathroom interior design

grey tiled bathroom

• Consider giving a bathroom your brand signature. This means accessorize. This is way of accentuating your bathroom with the accessories that gives you comforting and pacifying pleasure. Candle and flower provide a refreshing effect like a garden that offer a sweet smelling fragrance that has calming effect. A wall frame with your favorite quote or image that brings you good memories is a great positive reminder of who you are. These tickles whatever personality you have.


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