Tiny Bathrooms- Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes

Decorating a tiny bathroom requires a keen eye focused on maximizing space. If you plan on decorating on remodeling a space deprived bathroom, there are a few things to consider. First of all, get you know the configuration of the space. Embrace your bathroom’s size and shape, recognize its flaws and learn to correct them. Accept the limitation of the space and plan accordingly.

It’s said that in a tiny bathroom, very inch of space is an opportunity for storage. This is also an opportunity for clutter. Don’t go crazy with corner shelves, open shelves and oversized vanities. Perfect your organization skills instead. Have items cleverly stored and keep only a few of them on display.

Remember that the bathroom is a part of your home. Choose a style and colors that will connect your tiny bathroom with your rest of the home. If you want to learn more about the does and dont’s of tiny bathroom decor, check out some of our tiny bathrooms tips below.

1. Tiny Bathroom In White 

White bathroom with a white bathtub

Light colors and neutrals and the safe choice. They make a room feel larger, and you can add interest by experimenting with patterns and texture.

2. Rocking Dark Colors 

Dark bathroom design

Dark colors can create drama. However, they can also give the impressions of walls closing in. If you are a daredevil and would like to give them a try, make sure you bathroom is properly illuminated.

3. Correct Your Tiny Bathroom’s Flaws 

White bathroom with a colorful roofing

Here’s a good example of a height correction. The intense contrast between dark and light, static and dynamic, clear and textured creates an captivating effect.

4. Don’t Accentuate Your Tiny Bathroom’s Flaws  

Corridor shaped bathroom

If you have a corridor shaped bathroom, creating an accent wall on one of the longer sides will highlight this flaw even more.

5. Accent Wall Done Right 

Bathroom with  an accent wall

The intensity of the accent wall highlights the toilet and the vanity, given them a fresh, clean look. Also, the reflective surface makes the room feel airier and lager.

6. Wrong Accent Wall Color?

Bathroom with black tiles

In this tiny bathroom, the floor produces a strong contrast paired with the white walls. Also, the texture and pattern of the tiled tub creates and int resting, daring effect. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the color of the accent wall. It appears to be disconnected.

7. Beautiful, Functional, Tiny Bathroom 

Bathroom with a mirror

The trio composed on mirror, vase and towel is the focus point. They create an axis that organizes the composition of the bathroom and creates balance. Everything seems functional and beautifully organized.

8. Decorating Walls In A Tiny Bathroom

Bathroom with a painting

Your vertical space doesn’t need to be crammed with furniture and art. Choose the natural focal point of your bathroom and find a way to highlight it. Here, the painting and mirror are fighting for the eye’s attention, disrupting the harmony of the decor.

9. Turn A Mirror Into A Focal Point 


A mirror can make a room feel larger. You can have it reflect and spread light across the room, by placing it parallel to the source of natural light.

10. Warm Atmosphere


Artificial light has a great role in how we perceive color. Choose light color and intensity depending on the color palette and the desired effect.

You should follow some guidelines to assure your tiny bathroom decorating or remodeling project will be a success. These don’t necessarily provide limitations. Be creative and showcase your aesthetic preference.

Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!


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