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Fashionable tile floor designs for bathrooms

The floors of the bathroom are the most important feature. It has to be constructed well to withstand wear and tear brought about by always being wet from the water that are used for showers, tub baths or washing at the sink area. The tiles that are best to use would be anti slip as it could be dangerous if glossy and shiny ones are used. The glossy ones may look great but it could also be very slippery when wet. Wood tiles are great designs but the porcelain and ceramic are the best as they are sturdy and may even last for a lifetime with good care. Here are some tiled floor designs for the bathroom that will not only be safe but look fashionable as well.

 1.  Green And white bathroom Floor Tiles

bathroom Floor Tiles

image source: sagedesignstudio

The green and white weave design of the floor tiles is the focal point of this bathroom. It made a wonderful contrast to the white sink, fixtures and interior color of the bathroom.

 2.  Bathroom Small Shower

  Bathroom Small Shower

image source: highcraft

The hexagon pattern with small black diamond shapes worked perfectly in this bathroom. Hexagon pattern is a popular design used in tiles and this is no exception. The black and white color of the floor tiles matched perfectly with the black fixtures and furniture.

3. Black White Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor

image source: adamsbeasley

The wonderful design of the black and white mosaic tiles are specially made by a tile company. The floor tiles matched wonderfully with the black and white designs of this bathroom.

 4.  Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles

This fantastic looking design of the tiles used in the floor of this bathroom is inspired from a rug pattern. The tiles are made from carrara marble and green glass marble tiles line it.

 5.  Basket Weave Design

Basket Weave

This bathroom used white marble mosaic with basket weave design on the floor and it looks marvelous. The design of the floor tiles was designed to look dated and gave an old world effect to this bathroom.

6.  Brown Colored Square Tiles

Square Tiles

image source: nunleyremodeling

The brown colored square tiles with black colored small diamond design looks fabulous in this bathroom. The mosaic design that was used on the border is a great design.

 7.  Yellow Colored Glass Tiles

yellow tiled bathroom

image source: howellsarc

The yellow colored glass tiles used in this bathroom is of an expensive brand. It is handmade and customized to customer’s preference. It looks gorgeous.

 8. White And Black Ceramic Tiles

White Ceramic Tiles

image source: inspired remodeling

The floors are made of white ceramic tiles with black design. This was bordered by plain black tiles and the manufacturer calls this model the black vintage tile.

 9.   Gray Interior Color

 Gray Interior Color

The tiles used on the floor are called the kult white stone and looks marvelous. It matched the lower walls perfectly in color and contrasted very well with the gray interior color of the upper walls.

10. Light blue colored glass tiles

white bathroom design

image source: podestaconstruction

The blue slate tiles used on the floor makes a wonderful contrast to the light blue colored glass tiles on the walls. The combination of light and dark blue color of the tiles used in this bathroom made it look fantastic.

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