Mosaic Bathtub

The small bathroom with grand ideas

The small bathroom with grand ideas for you today! The bathroom is the most overworked room in the house and there’s simply no excuse why this cannot be styled and decorated to make it look fantastic. The small bathroom is maybe a little harder to decorate than a bigger one but there are now a thousand design ideas on how to decorate the small bathroom to make it look fabulous. The key to a great design for a small bathroom is storage space. A beautiful design will not work if the bathroom is cluttered. Sleek, simple and clean would be the ticket to a great looking bathroom. Here are some ideas for the small bathroom that will make it look grand.

1. Floating Shelves in Bathroom

Floating Shelves in Bathroom

The light blue color of the walls is a great design and those white floating shelves give storage space making this bathroom look grand. The two big wicker baskets are wonderful designs for additional storage space.

2. Modern Red Bathroom

Modern Red Bathroom

Red might be a strong color to use in a small bathroom but the picture shows otherwise. The contrasting colors of red and gray actually made this bathroom look gorgeous.

3. Mirrored Tile Bathroom

Mirrored Tile Bathroom

The silvery sparkle of a thousand small mirrors used on the walls of this bathroom is an awesome design. It lighted up the whole bathroom and the flat long mirror gave it a personality.

4. Bathroom Vanity

Pubillones Bathroom Vanity

The brown and white tiles used in this bathroom matched the brown cabinet and leather seat perfectly. Hanging mirrors on all sides of the walls is a fantastic design.

5. Mint Green Bathroom Refresher

Mint Green Bathroom Refresher

This mint green bathroom refreshes the eyes and senses the minute you walk in. The small blue framed mirror is an enchanting design. The big white sink is unique and looks lovely placed on top of a wooden pedestal.

6. Mosaic Bathtub

Mosaic Bathtub

The blue walls of the tub area contrasted and blended beautifully with the small darker blue hue tiles surrounding the tub. The dark blue cabinets brought sharp focus on the white fixtures.

7. Freeman Bathroom

Freeman Bathroom

This sleek modern bathroom in a high rise apartment fits well with its image. The glass door of the shower area blends well with the silver sink. The red flowers are a nice touch.

8. Blue Powder

Drury Blue Powder

The black framed shelves on the wall with lights installed in to highlight the decors are a fantastic modern design. It contrasted and blended beautifully with the blue walls of the bathroom.

9. Metallic Mosaic

Metallic Mosaic

The gold, blue and gray color of the designs of the wallpaper on the wall of this bathroom made it look stunning. The white floors and fixtures of the bathroom were brought to sharp focus because of this wall design.

10. Zen Master Bathroom

Zen Master Bathroom

The green colored horizontal design in the middle wall of the glass enclosed shower stall is a great accent and makes this bathroom look amazing. The dark brown color of the floating cabinets and frame of the big mirror are fantastic designs that matched the Shoji sliding doors perfectly. This is a Zen inspired design for a small bathroom.



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