Rock Stones bathroom

Sultry Tropical Bathroom Pictures

When we see and hear the word tropical we imagine hot climates with fresh air, big coconut trees and beautiful sunsets. The tropical bathroom design integrates this by using outdoor bathrooms that are walled in for privacy, tropical plants decors, earthenware for the sinks and even some bamboo for aesthetic effect. The tropical design for a bathroom has gained a following because of the warm, hot and bold colors that are used. These colors make the bathrooms interesting, attractive and unique. Entering one would be a trip to some far off island where the weather is sunny all year round. Here are some pictures of tropical designed bathrooms we think are hot and sultry.

 1.  Outdoor Bathroom

awesome bathroom

iamge source: knudsoninteriors

This awesome bathroom used rough brown stones and cement walls for privacy. The shower stall has mosaic walls and smooth stone tiles on the floor. The open door looks out to a small garden that would make bathing a serene and wonderful experience.

 2.  Green Marble Countertops

Green Marble Countertops

image source: firmlyplanted

The dark green walls matched the green marble countertops of the sinks and contrasted nicely with the orange colors of the wood bench, and mirror frame. The pebble design of the tiles used on the floor of the shower is lovely.

 3. Eco-friendly handmade octagonal terracotta tiles

terracotta tiles

image source: iwansastrawiguna

This is an earthy design that has sinks made of river rock with stone faucets. Reclaimed wood is used on the frame of the mirror and the vanity sink. The brown colored terracotta tiles on the floor matched the fixtures and made this bathroom fabulous.

 4.  Powder Room


image source: willmaninteriors

This bathroom uses concrete fashioned into a sink and bamboo divider that uses a back to nature design. The walls are made of pocket doors. These doors can either be removed or added to.

 5. Rock Stones bathroom

Rock Stones bathroom

Rock stones for a wall gave this bathroom a tropical design and privacy as well. The shower stall is in the small garden itself which would be like having a shower outdoors. The tub for a soothing bath has a fantastic view of the garden.

 6.  Blue Slate Tiles

Blue Slate Tiles

The rough brown stones used as walls for privacy is also used as the wall of the tub and looks fabulous. The blue slate tiles on the floor is a beautiful contrast to the rough stones and the creamy color of the tub.

7.  Turquoise Color Bathroom


image source: hendersondesigngroup

The turquoise color of the walls contrasted wonderfully with the wood frame of the mirror and the heavy gray marble slab of the vanity. The black metal basin is a great design and the wooden soap dish is a nice accent.

 8.  Garden Bathroom

 Garden Bathroom

image source: jpwaltersdesign

This is a garden bathroom that has been walled in for privacy. The pebble designed tiles used on the floor of the shower stall is fantastic.

 9.  White Subway Tiles

White Subway Tiles

image source: gmconstructioninc

The pebbles used in the middle of the floor were bordered by white subway tiles and looks marvelous. The plant is a nice accent.

10. Yellow Stone Tiles

Yellow Stone Tiles

image source: affinitiarchitects

The yellow stone tiles on the wall made a wonderful contrast to the yellow colored marble floors. The big showerhead in the middle is a fantastic design.

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