tiny yet bold guest bath


When you build a small bathroom think of storage and organization of little things that matters to you.  Small bathrooms come in different forms and can serve different purposes , for example a powder room . For furniture and fixtures you could use small sinks, cabinets that are custom measured to fit into your small spaces. It is good to consult with a professional if you can not do your own DIY.

For some having a small bathroom is a bad thing, however, with the help of interior design you can achieve a beautiful and functional bathroom. Ideas for small bathroom designs have become very in demand on line and with this, we have gathered 10 amazing and attractive images from which you can choose from. Enjoy!

  1. Sophisticated and Pastel coloured bathroom

pastel colours

A cool, sophisticated and pastel colored bathroom is seen on the image above. The light color brightens the room and offers a refreshing feel. Similarly, the glass windows reflect more light improving the quality of illumination. The small fixtures of the room are also a perfect match to the wall color.

  1. Modern Bathroom Miami

Really beautiful bathroom

A beautiful and warm small bathroom is shown in the image above. Notice the natural stone pebbles giving a nice contrast to the whole room. The sliding shower glass door also is a good choice to create the illusion of expansive space to the bathroom.

  1. Powder Room

modern bathroom

This is a cool and contemporary design for small bathroom with color combination of green, white and blue. Take note of the dark green strips of the bathtub that improves the look of the tub. The stylish green vanity with drop-in sink is a beauty accented by small fixtures.

  1.  Sweet small bathroom

Sweet small bathroom

The neutral hues of this room create pleasing small bathroom design. The vertical shelving above the toilet is a place to display bathroom essentials and other decors. Also, the bubble tiles look awesome, complementing the white colored bathroom.

  1. Contemporary Powder Room San Francisco

modern powder room

This is a neat and stylish bathroom with glass vessel sink and countertop. The steel fixtures look attractive as well as the lighting of the wall mirror.

  1. Cabinetry in tight bathroom

cabinets in small bathroom

A creative and nice way to utilize a small space is seen on the image above. There is a storage under the sink for towels and other essentials. Placing a toilet in the corner could save you additional space. The large mirror also reflects light, making the room look spacious.

  1. Contemporary White Bathroom

 White bathroom

Want to achieve that beach-like bathroom? The design would suit your desire. The bright colored room looks stunning with pale colored vanity. Just above the vanity is shelving where frames and plants could be placed. The glass sliding door also is a nice way to add extra space to that small bathroom.

  1. Sink For Powder Room

eclectic powder room

Since you are trying to maximize the space of your small bathroom, make sure that the vanities and sink are installed into the corner. This gives you with more inches for floor space. Also, the continuous blue colored tile gives a nice contrast to the white bead board walls.

  1. Guest Bath Contemporary Bathroom Vancouver

tiny yet bold guest bath

This elegant and trendy bathroom design offers us a great sense of comfort and energy. The floating toilet and sink creates a perception of wider space. Take note also of the wooden floor and wall that is accentuated by the blue glass tile.

10. Modern Formal Bathroom DC Metro

small bathroom with natural light

The image above shows a sophisticated and stylish bathroom. The vessel sink is nicely placed in the glass countertop with a towel holder in the corner. The wire mesh above the toilet is a highlight in this design.


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