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Spectacular Bathroom Sink Console Designs

Sink consoles are now the trendy piece of furniture that needs to be placed in the bathroom. In the old days, simple pedestal sinks are the order of the day but modern design has made the sink console that is not only aesthetically wonderful to look at but give ample space storage as well. Spaces for storage are needed in the bathroom so things like towels, washcloths and vanity things can be neatly stored away after use. This does not only make the bathroom cleaner, it also does away with losing the essentials that we need while using the bathroom. Here are some bathroom sink console designs that we have gathered that will make any bathroom look spectacular.

 1. Recycled Barrel Vanity

Barrel Vanity

This recycled barrel vanity from a winery has been cleaned and assembled by a woodworker to give it storage space and make it sturdy and durable as well. The barrel design is unique and could be the focal point of any bathroom.

 2. Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom

This is a modern design that includes a dark colored counter that contrasts very well with the partially recessed white double sinks. The console comes with a middle panel that has easy sliding drawers that would be great spots for storage space.

 3. Walnut finish Period Console

under-sink cabinets

This period designed console has a walnut finish and the doors are lined with beadboard. It features two double sinks and the period piece look would be a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

4. Fresca Medio Vanity Bathroom Faucet

Modern designed console

image source: torontovanity

This modern designed console is mounted to the wall and gives two drawer storage spaces. Ideal to use in small bathrooms as this could be placed anywhere.

5.  Double Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

Bathroom with a double bathroom vanity

The console is made of solid oak and the trough sinks of ceramic. It also has cabinets and drawers that give ample storage space. The combination of solid oak and ceramic make this a sturdy console that will last for a long time.

6.  Curved Shape Solid Wood Vanity

Beautiful console with a single recessed sink

image source: burroughshardwoods

This beautiful console with a single recessed sink has an angled feet design. The dark color would fit into any interior design of the bathroom and the cabinet gives storage space as well.

7.  Glass Vanity Top

Clear glass double sink vanity

image source:

This clear glass double sink vanity is a set that comes with mirrors. The open shelves below and cabinets give storage space and the curvy design would make a statement to any bathroom.

8.  Matching Mirrors

Bathroom with a matching mirror

This is a lovely design for small bathrooms. It is a set with a matching mirror. The square sink is made of glass and the open shelves below it are great storage spaces.

9. Ceramic Sink Vanity

Bathroom with a ceramic sink vanity

This ceramic vanity comes in a set that includes a medicine cabinet with mirror. It is mounted to the wall and the cabinet is made of high quality wood.

10. Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Wooden bathroom vanity design

This console will be the focal point of any bathroom. It is made of reclaimed wood and the design of the sink and faucet is amazing. The cabinets give ample space for storage.

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