Dark blue tiles

Small shower bathroom with big ideas

Small showers need big ideas to make them look and feel fantastic. Having a small bathroom is no excuse for not making it look nice and beautiful. If time, money and effort are spent on other rooms in the house, how much more the bathroom which is one of the most important? Guests and visitors tend to use the bathroom when they come to visit and it wouldn’t do if your bathroom’s image does not match that of the living, dining and kitchen areas. Here are some big ideas for small shower bathrooms that will make it grand.

1.   Red, white and blue colors

colored bathroom tiles

The use of red, white and blue colors on the walls is a great design and made this small bathroom come alive. The black claw footed tub with a shower head at the top is not only space saving but also gives character to this bathroom.

 2. Dark blue tiles

Dark blue tiles

The line of dark blue tiles from floor to ceiling accents beautifully this white bathroom. The tiled wall that separates the toilet from the shower area is a great idea and practical at the same time. The hanging white sink is a nice addition and the light blue door is a nice touch.

3.  Gray slate floors

Gray slate floors

The gray slate floors are the perfect foil for the white walls and fixtures of this bathroom. The mirror above the sink creates a two dimensional picture that makes the bathroom look bigger. The white fluffy rug is a nice touch.

 4.  Small White bathroom

Small White bathroom

This is a well planned small white bathroom that looks wonderful. The use of a wooden tray in the shower area is practical.

 5.  Light blue walls

Light blue walls bathroom

Wood furniture combined with white fixtures makes this a great design. The light blue walls give a statement of their own.

6.  Brown Decors

 Brown bathroom Decors

The picture of this bathroom shows a before and after image. It shows just how a well planned and right décor could improve the image of a bathroom considerably. The after picture shows a stylish white bathroom that has brown decors.

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