Bathroom with a window

Small Bathrooms Ideas With Grand Designs

Small Bathrooms Ideas

Apartments, condominiums and small homes have done away with big bathrooms. Urban living has dictated this style because of the small availability of land areas. People flocking to the cities to work have resulted in overcrowding and the need to maximize spaces available. Some people have opted out to get homes from the suburbs even if it would mean commuting to and from work every day. Bathrooms are the rooms that are sacrificed the most when spaces have to be maximized. This may be a bit frustrating but designers and furniture makers have come up with innovative ideas on how to make use of each available space and make it look grand at the same time. Here are a few Small Bathrooms Interior ideas.

 1. Storage Space

Bathroom with shelves and cabinets

This bathroom may be small but it more than made up for it by having those wonderful shelves and cabinets for storage space. The silver mirror and the gold round chandelier is a nice touch.

 2. Wood Panels

Bathroom with wooden panels

The wood panels used in this bathroom complement beautifully the brown cabinets and frame of the tub. The shelves and cabinets give space storage that made this bathroom clean and uncluttered.

 3. Mirrored Cabinets

Bathroom with mirrored cabinets

The mirrored cabinets are fantastic and also help to make the bathroom look bigger. The blue and green walls are wonderful design colors for the bathroom.

4. Mirror Over Sink

Bathroom with a mirror

A large sink set against the wall and divides the toilet from the shower is a wonderful idea of space saving. The big mirror over the sink area made this bathroom look bigger. The use of blue walls, cabinets and floor tiles is a wonderful contrast to the brown walls on the sink area.

 5. Huge Mirror

bathroom with a huge mirror

The green and gray designed tiles placed on the floor, walls of the bath area and enclosure of the tub contrasted wonderfully with the white sink, cabinets and toilet seat. The huge mirror helped to make the bathroom look bigger.

 6. Modern Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom with a window

This is a simple blue and white bathroom design that looks fantastic. Floating toilet seats and pedestal were used and the window gives natural lighting making light reflect on the mirror over the sink area.

 7. Bright Red Color On Sink

Bathroom with red accent color

The bright red color of the countertop of the sink area gave life and character to this all white bathroom. The light blue color of the glass enclosing the shower area is a wonderful contrast to the red countertop.

8.  Green Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom with yellow green decors

This small white bathroom with its splashes of yellow green decors looks fantastic. The gray colored countertop of the sink that extended to the toilet seat is a great design and storage space at the same time.

 9. White And Purple Small Bathroom

Bathroom with wall and floor tiles

The white theme of this small bathroom was given a jolt of life by the use of purple color for the cabinet under the sink area. The black frame of the mirror contrasted beautifully with the white fixtures and the purple cabinet.

10.   Small Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom with black and white wall tiles

This is an amazing design for a small bathroom where everything is in place but looks beautiful at the same time. The black and white wall tiles are a lovely accent.

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