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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

You can create magic even with small bathrooms within less floor area. Small Bathroom Design Ideas will challenge you to decide which is better for you. You have to carefully play with colour, the mirrors and the lighting to create the illusion of a bigger space. Also, you should choose the bathroom fittings that should fit in within the limited space and should also be convenient.

Having a problem in small area or smaller space for your bathroom? Well, worries no more. Even you have a little space for it, having a clear and good structural design, it will give extra space in our very eyes. Just to think of things that are brighter and the design that will not add space illusion. Design it like you are expanding the area. Actually we have effective tips and style for this matter that will surely give an ideas and guidelines. Take down notes of your problems and for the possible solutions as well.

Here are some ideas to make that dream bathroom within a smaller area.

1. Traditional Bathroom with Solid Shower Panel

Traditional Bathroom with Solid Shower Panel

There is a solid shower panel that is made of fiber glass. Separating this area ensures you have more of dry space for other things and needs less maintenance. The wash basin is of Victorian style. There are two separate storage cabinets- one of white colour and another one in a wood finish. The flooring is made of wood.

2. White Beach Style Bathroom

White Beach Style Bathroom

This bathroom is set up in white with hints of gray in the mosaic wall within the shower panel that is enclosed within a glass sliding door. There is a large wash basin of very nice design and there are racks to store the towels below the basin. There are stylish frames on the wall.

3. Dark Brown Wooden Electric Bathroom

Dark Brown Wooden Electric Bathroom

There are different tiles used in this bathroom – the dark brown wooden finish ones, the stone finish off white tiles in the shower area, the brown plane ones for the flooring and some coloured printed ones to cut out on the dark shades. The wash basin has a shelf in front of it with a mirror attached.

4. Textured Modern Bathroom

Textured Modern Bathroom

One wall of this bathroom is textured in cream colour. There is a big mirror and a big wash basin with a storage cabinet. The commode is placed next to it. There is a separate shower panel.

5. Light Coral Traditional Bathroom

Light Coral Traditional Bathroom

The colours used in this bathroom will add some freshness to your days. Coloured in light coral, a contrast is created with white. The tiles used for the flooring also has a marble effect. The fittings used are very common. There is a small flower arrangement.

6. Mosaic Designed Electic Bathroom

Mosaic Designed Electic Bathroom

This bathroom is made of the same stones all over- mosaic in black and white. The walls and the floor have the same shade, yet do not look boring because of the huge mirror and the beautiful design of the wash basin.

7. Modern Powder Bathroom

Modern Powder Bathroom

This bathroom has a dash of fresh colours and innovative ideas. One wall has been made in a rainbow of colours and has a very different picture framed on it. The rest of the walls are in monochrome. The floor has a stone finish and is very easy to clean.

8. Classic traditional Bathroom

Classic traditional Bathroom

This bathroom has a classic look and is mostly set in a white background. The speciality of this bathroom is the huge amount of storage space it has- with several shelves and cabinets. It has all other modern amenities.

9. Simple Classy Traditional Bathroom

Simple Classy Traditional Bathroom

Simple yet classy, that is how the design is. Dark brown wood work has been done for the table top wash basin and the cabinet behind the mirror. The commode and waste basket are placed next to it.

10. Minimalistic Contemporary Bathroom

Minimalistic Contemporary Bathroom

This bathroom has minimal wood work and a separate showering area kept away from the dry area by glass sliding doors.





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