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Simple Ideas for A Comfy Bathroom Experience

Simple Ideas for A Comfy Bathroom Experience is a nice place to be.  This is where you take time to treat yourself with care. You want to get the best bathroom interior to cater your special needs. If there is one place in your house that desire to be spick-and-span it is your bathroom. However, your bathroom space is small. You want it to look good and make it more functional. So here are some bath ideas for small bathrooms.

We can spot many items in the house that has black in it and we would certainly admit that it stays there for long than those with flashy or bold colors. And that could also happen in our very own bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms can get that timeless beauty too not just in the walls or flooring or ceiling but even just in the cabinets.

If may not be that expensive but the style that goes with your taste is what matters as you consider a few thoughts of reconfiguring your bathroom design.
1.  Flaunt your shower curtain with bright and beautiful or simple elegant design.

  • Set your eyes to a simple must-have that your small bathroom needs such that attractive and cheery color of the shower curtain. This sets the place in a bright mood. A touch of red makes it livelier and inviting.

Creative Couple Coop


  • The monochromatic color of this bathroom gives this place a fresh and clean look. That silky curtain in horizontal stripes in a single tone creates a bright appeal.  The length of bathtub curtain is perfectly right, not too long and not too short, showing more space to make the place to look brighter and bigger.

Contemporary Home Design
2.  Use up every empty space and make that functional.

  • The very side of this wall is claimed to be a good storage place. To make your bathroom look orderly, making the wall a niche for bathroom needs solves your space problem.

Thornhill Reno

  • This nicely laid out bathroom makes a space for the vanity mirror. The recessed-niche near the toilet seat provides room to house other toilet needs.

Presido Heights San Francisco Bathroom

3.  Invest in round shape vanity for safety.

  • In a small space bathroom where mobility is limited, you sometimes get to bump to sink especially when you need to hurry.  This vanity without sharp corners provides you safety and convenience. Further the small and compact size of the vanity makes it to perfectly fit in this small space. The use of natural color creates a bigger look in this room.

Petite Bathroom Reno

  • Here is another vanity round in shape that is perfectly positioned beside the toilet seat. The curvy shape of the sink creates more space or gap for better mobility and safety,


4. Open the space to more light.

  • The skylight in this place makes this room enticing and inviting. Though the space is small, the natural light coming in the room is invigorating. It makes that light a main attraction to this place that bathing becomes a relaxing activity.

Small bathroom with skylight

  • This place has an abundant natural light. The white color that permeates this room further pronounces that light makes this place to look brighter.  It is so welcoming and re-energizing.

Alamo Square Guest Bathroom

5. Go for a striped-wall.

  • The combination of black and white vertical stripes in this small space creates illusion that makes the space to look higher, adding height, moreso space. Coming to this room elegance is something captivating.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

  • While in this bathroom, the horizontal stripes project a wider space, making the bathroom to have brighter and bigger appeal. Accessorizing it with a big mirror with a frame that perfectly goes with the color of the horizontal lines show an artistic taste.

South Beach Retreat

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