Mirror to the Lamp

Rotate and swivel bathroom mirror designs

The swivel mirror is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom. The big mirror that is usually placed above the sink vanity is great but for a close range view, nothing can beat the swivel mirror. The fact that it can be turned around to suit the need is very convenient and the magnified side of it is great for applying make-up and shaving. The designs for these swivel mirrors has also evolved from the simple stand up in sink area to ones that can be mounted on the side walls that comes with a retracing spring and even up on the ceiling! We’ve compiled some rotate and swivel bathroom mirror designs that would look lovely in any bathroom.

 1. wood framed swivel mirror

swivel mirror

This big wood framed swivel mirror is screwed in on the table and its big size gives extra magnified image. This would be a great convenience for getting a close up look on our faces and at the same times looks fantastic as well.

 2.  Two Swivel Mirrors

 Two Swivel Mirrors

These two swivel mirrors placed on top of the vanity in a powder room are wonderful statements. The big swivel mirror with an identical smaller one would be a great help for those touch up make-up jobs.

 3.  Mirror to the Lamp

Mirror to the Lamp

The swivel mirror used in this bathroom was mounted on the side and can be tucked sideways into the wall after use. The clever design is the perfect match of the mirror to the lamp above it.

 4.  Vanity Sink

Vanity Sink

image source: lda-architects

As you can see, two identical swivel mirrors were placed high in the ceiling. It made a magnified image to the vanity sink below.

 5. Ceramic Basin Sink

Ceramic Basin Sink

The big swivel mirror placed in front of the ceramic basin sink looks great as the bathroom mirror. It became the focal point of this bathroom.

 6. Round Mirrors

Round Mirrors

The small square shaped swivel mirror placed on the countertop of the vanity sink gave focus to the wonderful designs of the recessed round mirrors on the walls of this bathroom.

 7.  Small Swivel Mirror

 small swivel mirror

image source: inspired interior

The light brown color of the small swivel mirrorfoldable-round-mirrors mounted on the side of the vanity sink perfectly matched the brown tones of this bathroom. The swivel mirror can be stretched when in use and tucked to the side of the wall after use.

 8.  Elegant Design

Elegant Design

The brown wood design of this small swivel mirror looks like a period piece. The elegant design matched the fixtures of the sink perfectly.

 9. Suspended Mirrors

Suspended Mirrors

The big round suspended mirrors that look like giant pendants are swivel mirrors. The design is unusual and is the focal point of this bathroom. It also complemented the white sinks below it.

10. Two Retractable small Mirrors

small Mirrors

The two retractable small swivel mirrors mounted on both sides of the two sink vanity is a great addition to the big square mirror on the wall. The different shapes of the mirrors contrasted very nicely together and the convenience of having swivel mirrors on both sides is a great design.

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