Fantastic bathroom design

Rejuvenating And Relaxing Bathroom Ideas

10 bathroom Ideas

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing experiences that we can have. It cleans our bodies, clears our minds, soothes our nerves and invigorates and rejuvenates us as well. Our bathrooms, big or small it may be must be able to instill these feelings in us the minute we enter it. The tranquility and serene ambience that it would present would already be a step to our inner peace as well. Here are some bathroom ideas that would surely rejuvenate and relax your mind and body.

1. Spa Bathroom


Bathrooms can be converted into instant spas with a few simple design tricks. Placing plants inside the bathroom is a refreshing image that would soothe the eyes. Surrounding the tub with wood panels will make it look longer and bigger and give a spa like image to it.

 2. Driftwood Divider

bathroom divider

Using driftwood as a divider or shower curtain gave this bathroom a unique and refreshing image. The brown color of the driftwood gave a warm and cozy feeling to the room which was further enhanced by the plant in the big wicker basket and the use of a shell conch for soap dish.

 3. Gold colored wallpaper

gold wallpaper

The gold colored wallpaper is a wonderful design and nicely contrasted by the black frame of the big round mirror and white sink. The ornate design of the sink’s faucet is a nice accent.

  1.  Black Bathtub

bathroom plants

The black tub surrounded by a profusion of plants is like taking a bath in the middle of a garden. The two long mirrors on opposite walls are great designs that added personality to this bathroom.

 5. Bathroom Mirror

small bathroom

The mirror that fitted the entire wall of this bathroom is a fantastic design that made the bathroom look bigger. The brown shower curtains and the plant on the sink area gave this bathroom a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

6. White Bathtub

Bathroom with a white bathtub

The wall quote in front of the white tub is a wonderful design that could actually relax you after reading it. The brown colored candleholders on the sides of the tub gives a warm and relaxing feel to the bathroom. The long green plant is a refreshing touch.

7. Relaxing Bathroom

Relaxing bathroom design

The white pebbles strewn on the floor leading to the elevated tub area contrasted beautifully with the rough stone floors of the main area. This gave the bathroom a relaxed and serene feeling.

8. Yellow And Grey Bathroom Idea

Bathroom with bathtub

This is a fantastic idea for a bathroom that is adjacent to a bedroom. The yellow and grey walls near the tub area contrasted nicely with the white walls and fixtures.

9. Orchid Plant

Bathroom with a plant decor

The orchid plant placed in a brown pot and the candles placed on top of the toilet seat gave a feeling of serenity to this bathroom. The dark brown wood cabinet and frame of the mirror added to the image.

10. Bathroom With A Fireplace

Fantastic bathroom design

The fireplace inside the bathroom is a fantastic design. It can give warmth especially during cold winter nights. The white enamel tub blends seamlessly with the white and brown walls of this bathroom.

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