Prefab Shower Stalls

Refreshingly stylish pool house bathroom

Pool house bathrooms are a must when a house has its own pool. It would be a great convenience for everyone to change in the bathroom near the pool rather than use the ones in the house. They can also double as a guest bathroom. The cabana has undergone great changes in designs. Those simple shower stalls enclosed in a small room are things of the past. The pool house bathroom may be a casual or grand design but it now has all the amenities of a regular bathroom. Here are some designs of the pool house bathroom that are refreshingly stylish that you may want for your very own.

 1. Old Style Fixtures

pool bathroom

The elegant design of the entrance to the pool bathroom was achieved by the use of an intricately designed wrought iron base placed under the sink. The old style fixtures also added to the image and the recessed mirror and two small lamps are great accents.

 2. Rustic Finish Pool Bathroom

Rustic Finish Bathroom

The tile designs used on the floors of this bathroom are the focal point. The glass enclosed shower area is a great idea as well as practical as it could stop spills and sprays of water from reaching the main area. Floating shelves are lovely places to store towels.

 3. Prefab Shower Stalls

Prefab Shower Stalls

image source: richardsonarchitects

The white open shelves lining an entire wall became a great place to store towels. The white wooden swinging doors can serve two shower stalls at the same time.

 4.  Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom

The barn door is trendy and the use of wood joists to hold the wooden platform of the sink is a great idea. The metal rack below the sink is a nice spot for storing towels.

 5.  Colorful Pattern

 Colorful Pattern

image source: echodesign

The colorful pattern of either tiles or wallpaper at the back of the floating toilet seat is the focal point of this bathroom. It contrasted very well with the light blue color of the bathroom.

 6.  Peach Colored Pool Bathroom

 Pool Bathroom

image source: whitsittphoto

This peach colored pool bathroom had the right idea when it installed two shower heads in the shower stall. Guests of the same sex can share a shower before and after using the pool.

7.  Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

image source: billfryconstruction

The mosaic tiles that were used in the middle of the bathroom walls made a wonderful contrast to the white subway tiles. The enclosed glass shower stall is a great design and safe as well. The recessed shelves are lovely spots to store towels and bath essentials.

 8. Open Shelves Under Sink

open shelves below the sink

image source: norwoodarchitects

The open shelves below the sink are a nice storage space for towels. The two room division with doors for the toilet and shower is a wonderful design.

 9.  Idea for pool shower/toilet

 pool shower/toilet

image source: cgsdb

The view of the pool bathroom and pool house looks wonderfully planned. The white colored smooth stone tiles used on the floor of the pool house made a sharp contrast to the gold colored rough stone slabs used in the bathroom walls.

10. Small White Basin Sink

pool bathroom

The glossy wood cabinets matched the wall of the shower stall and cleverly used a curvy design to frame the mirror and window. The cabinets gave storage to towels and the small white basin sink is a great accent.

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