Psychologists say that seeing pastel colors soften our moods. Thus, it would be a good idea to incorporate this understanding in decorating our homes. Whether we paint our walls with pastel colors or choose pastel-colored tiles for our floors, it will certainly be visually appealing and relaxing at the same time. No matter how small a bathroom is, it is not impossible to achieve a cosy look. We gathered small bathroom pictures from which you can choose from.

1. Mosaic pastel colored walls

Mosaic pastel bathroom
Mosaic pastel colored walls are surely good for our sight especially when we want to enjoy a nice bath. The walls create a comfortable and airy feeling to the total appearance of the bathroom.

2. Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles
Decorate your bathroom with pink tiles for it offers a sleek and chic appearance. Whether you are redecorating or constructing a new bathroom, the image above is a good reference as it maximizes the space without creating a clutter.

3.  Lilac colored walls

Lilac colored walls
Seeing lilac colors create an uplifting, and soothing effect. Adding to its appeal, are the flowers that enhances the creativity of the room. Likewise, lilac colored walls complement bright shades, thus it will create the illusion that you have bigger room than it really is because of the reflection.

4.  Green Accent

 green-colored walls
Aside from its aesthetics value, these green-colored walls create a level of stimulation that promotes a calming effect. The green accent on the sink, toilet, walls and bathtub offer an elegant touch to the room.

5.  Green colored bathroom

Green colored bathroom
But if you prefer a lighter green colored bathroom, the second image is an amazing design to consider.Take note of the suspended storage units saving floor space and accommodating additional bathroom decors. Likewise, it makes the room more expansive.

6.   Turquoise Colored Bathroom

Turquoise bathroom
After a very stressful day, it is comforting to take a bath in this turquoise colored bathroom. This is a beautiful bathroom with turquoise blue colored tub, and tiles. Colourful as it is, it is also believed to promote stability and tranquillity.

7.  Pale Blue Colors

Pale Blue Colors

The image is such a cool and amazing design for your bathroom. Adding to this beautiful design is the classy pale blue colors of the walls and floor tiles. The neutral-colored top of the vanity with white self-rimming sink is also an eye catcher. The large cabinet is a great part of this design because it offers a good utilization of your bathroom essentials. This offers an ideal style to your bathroom decoration desires.

8.  Soft Green Pastel Color

suspened wall units and sink

A soft green pastel color for wall and floor tiles greatly enhances the size of your bathroom as seen on the image above. There are also no decorations on the floor except for the a white mat under the sink and storage units. In addition, the storage units are suspended giving more space in the shower room. Also, notice that the fixtures are of small size so as not to create crowd in the small bathroom. The presence of the glass also helps create the illusion of an expansive bathroom space.

9.  Black And grey bathroom wall Tiles

 gray tiles and storage units

If you prefer black tiles for your bathroom, combine it with gray tiles and storage units just like in the image above. Choosing white color for the fixtures will be of great complement to the black and gray tiles. Note also that the vessel sinks (on top) are attached in the vanity. This is a great way to maximize the space of your small bathroom.

10.   Small Bathroom

Soft Blue Pastel Color
This small bathroom picture shows a design characterize by elegance and glamour. The white fixtures create a balance with the pale yellow color of the walls. Furthermore, the chandelier and light bulb create a perfect radiance to the room.

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