Still-In Shower Curtain

Nice Designs to Consider when Renovating your Bathrooms

Nice Designs to Consider when Renovating your Bathrooms will make you amazed regarding its output. Bathrooms must always be clean, smells nicely and well kept. However, it is hard to keep up with cleaning a bathroom that’s old and creaking. In our times today, modern designed bathrooms are very in, especially because of their functionality and attractiveness. It is comforting to use a bathroom that’s very up to date with the modern times as it is easier to use. Here are some strategies and ideas to reflect on how to renovate a bathroom.

  • Change your tiles

The easiest way to liven up your bathroom is by changing your tiles into modern materials like granite or marble. Here’s a photo of a bathroom before and after remodeling their tiled walls.

1. Before And After Renovation Home

Before And After Renovation Home

Granite and marble materials are more modern looking than tiles in monotone and bright colors. Choose cream or beige colors in your granite and marble materials. But you can still choose to go for tiles as long as they can make your bathroom look sleek. Go for patterns and light colored tiles.

2. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Walled-in showers

Separating your shower and tub from the rest of the bathroom with the use of glass panels is also a very modern idea. This not only improves the look of the whole bathroom but also makes it more spacious and large looking.

3. Shower and Tub Separated

Shower and Tub Seperated

Shower curtains are still in. Just go for modern looking patterns and textures to separate the shower area. Also make sure that your shower curtains blend well with the whole color effect of your bathroom.

4. Still-In Shower Curtain

Still-In Shower Curtain

  • Under sink shelves

To maximize the space in your bathroom it is a very practical idea to use the space under the sinks to turn to storage spaces. You can have cabinets and drawers underneath the sink for your towels and other bathroom paraphernalia.

5. Under sink storage spaces

Under sink storage

Under sink storage spaces make your bathroom also look uncluttered and organized. It will be easier to find and reach for things. You can also have another cabinet and just attach it to the side of your sink, while keeping the space under the sink as open shelves.

6. Bathroom Storage Open Shelving

Bathroom Storage Open Shelving

There are also radical looking sinks that have storage spaces underneath that will add to the modern look of your bathroom.

7. Modular Drawers the Storage Under the Sink

Modular Drawers the Storage Under the Sink

  • Go for orderly look

The easiest remodeling trick you can do for your bathroom is to keep it organized at all times before you add new facets to it. This way you can create fresh and new looks with your bathroom just by changing the shower curtains or putting small plants in.

8. Shower Curtain Bathroom

Shower Curtain Bathroom

You can add framed photos and other trinkets to your bathroom just as long as they are in proper order to create balance in your bathroom area. Choose fresh designs for mirrors and make sure they stand out but somehow fit into the whole theme of the bathroom at the same time.

9. New Color and repaint the whole bathroom

 reminds of nature and water

Another idea is to choose a new color and repaint the whole bathroom. Go for earth tones and whites. You can also go for blues and colors that reminds of nature and water as they are very much modern and in style.

10. Green Colored Bathroom

Green Colored Bathroom

There are many renovation ideas to choose from. You just have to decide well and make sure that the result of your bathroom remodeling is way better than the condition it is in now. Try to go incorporate more storage spaces and use modern technology for your faucets and showers.

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