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Lovely Bathroom Designs for Small Space

Lovely Bathroom Designs for Small Space will help you in your design needs. Your bathroom even with a tight space can look lovely with the right choice of furnishing. Whatever your budget is, giving it a real attractive appeal is achievable. All you need to do is plan and start thinking what would you like your bathroom to look like.

Here are few of the small bathrooms design, which would open your mind to consider what will play along well with you.

1. Portola Valley Powder Room

Portola Valley Powder Room

Set an elegant style in the corner of your bathroom.

Who would think that a suspended blue glass sinkwould be laid beautifully in the corner of this bathroom? The use of mirror, perpendicularly installed, is already a design and likewisefunctional. Even thelights, as attached to the mirror, are good space saving ingenuity. It is an all-combination of good design idea to make this small space look bigger.

2. Small Bathroom Design in Former Closet

Small Bathroom Design in Former Closet

Claim to maximize one side of the space.

In this bathroom, the sink, given a table inspired look, occupieswall-to-wall space and steals that vertical plane by placing a slender mirror on the wall. The whole place is all color coordinated as tiled wall and floor and plain cemented wall carry the same color shade. Suspended sink, supported by table look like legs gives an extra space for other bathroom storage.

3. Tribeca Terrace Garden New York, NY

Tribeca Terrace Garden New York, NY

Create a single geometric design in your small bathroom.

This bathroom is designed with clean lines with all the geometric shape furnishings: square sink, toilet seat, and sconce, and rectangular mirrors. Such design creates a uniform look, making this place simply neat and good-looking.

4. Mountain


Lay it bare with as it showcases it gorgeous style.

This bathroom has already showcased its main attractions: shower’s tile walls, beautiful tile floor in the vanity area, unique sink design and upper cabinet that is framed so well. All the necessary is there, so enough of other bathroom frills.

5. Skaneateles Lake House

Skaneateles Lake House

Give your bathroom a unique style.

This bathroom takes consideration of every detail to make it look attractive. First that unique window fixture gets the spotlight attention, neat lines set in white and black colors. It goes well with the two-toned color of the toilet seat.

6. Logan Circle, Washington DC Residence

Logan Circle, Washington DC Residence

Occupy vertical for a functional look.

In the vanity area, the wall holds the suspended sink, rectangular mirror, and those two elongated sconces. That vertical space takes more than one functionality, usually used in the bathroom.

7. Logan Circle, Washington DC Residence II

shower room

For a nature feel experience, this bathroom is given a backdrop design. This becomes an accent wall, a major attraction in this room.

8. Small Bathroom Designs

Small Bathroom Designs

Give your bathroom floor a different look.

In this bathroom with a tight space, even the floor can be made as an overall accent of the room. Each fixture laid next to each other, this room is given a white color palette coupled with a nice floor treatment.

9. Upper West Side Bathroom Renovation

Upper West Side Bathroom Renovation

Map out a functional layout of the bathroom.

The placement of each fixture in this small space is a product of good lay outing. Though small, a lot storage spaces are built to accommodate bathroom needs.The insert type tiled wall creating a depressed area look great in this room. Overall, this place does not appear that cramped despite small.

10. Parisian Modern Flat – Pacific Heights

Parisian Modern Flat - Pacific Heights

Stick with the essential.

This bathroom merely contents itself to the basic. White wall and white furnishings in simple lines and curves are just what it boasts to show. Nevertheless, it creates that clean and neat look.

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