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Interesting designs for the small bathroom

Designs for the small bathroom have to be great in order for them to look interesting. Small bathrooms does not have to be hidden in view, it has to be showcased as small size is no excuse for making them look ugly. Besides, small spaces are now the IN thing and you can see the effort and concentration that is being placed on them from magazines to the net. The thing that we just need to do is to browse through all these designs and ideas to inspire us to make something out of that small bathroom and make it more interesting.

  1.   Repurposed Bathroom Makeover


This red and white bathroom maybe small but it packed a mighty punch with the design that was used on it. The red tub is a fantastic design and contrasted beautifully with the black art work that is placed on the walls.

  1.  Small Bathroom with Toilet And Shower

small shower room

The brown floors contrasted beautifully with the blue walls and white fixtures making this small bathroom look fantastic. The brown mosaic design of the tiles used on the walls of the shower area is a lovely design and definitely made this bathroom interesting.

  1.  Small Bathroom Makeover

small showe room

The building design on the shower curtain and the map art work on the wall contrasted wonderfully with the white walls and fixtures of this small bathroom. The opaque glass waste can and the simple green décor sculpture on top of the toilet seat are great accents.

  1. Gold Framed Mirror

bathroom mirror

A lot of storage spaces are the key to a great design for small bathrooms. The cabinets below the sink area give storage space and the gold framed mirror made it look interesting.

  1.  Wood floors

Wood floors

The wood floors blended seamlessly with the light brown color of the walls and white fixtures. The white and brown shower curtain is a fantastic accent to the bathroom.

  1.  White ruffled shower curtain

small shower room

The intricately designed beautiful crystal chandelier and the white ruffled shower curtain made this small white bathroom look elegant and stylish. The small black framed prints on the wall are a welcome splash of color that made the whole image look gorgeous.

  1. Polka Dot Design

gold framed mirror

The black and white polka dot design of the floor tiles contrasted beautifully with the white interior and fixtures of this tiny bathroom. The gold framed mirror made this bathroom look fantastic.

8.  Black and White

 Black and White

The black and white design on the shower curtain is the focal point of this small white bathroom. It gave personality to this bathroom. The plant décor on the sink area is a nice touch.

  1.  Colors and shapes of mirrors

Colors and shapes of mirrors

Using two different designs, colors and shapes of mirrors over the sink area made this small white bathroom look fantastic. The sunken white sinks are also great designs. The red, pink and yellow flowers are great accents.

10.   Modern Vanity

  Modern Vanity

This small white bathroom looks grand with the modern vanity that also has a small storage space to tuck in toilet paper. The big green frog sitting on top of the toilet seat made this bathroom look fantastic.

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