Small Bathroom Design Ideas Wsallpaper

Bright and cheerful images for the small bathrooms

Bright and cheerful images for the small bathroom serves are your model in designing your very own small or even spacious bathroom. The small bathroom needs to be chic and stylish to make up for what it lacks in size. A well designed bathroom will surely make bathing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The small bathroom is somewhat a challenge to design due to its limited space but designers have come up with unusual and new ideas not only to maximize the space available but to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye too. Here are a few design and images to make your small bathroom bright and cheerful.

1. Tiles in Dark Brown

glass sinks

The dark brown tiles used on the walls of this bathroom blended beautifully with the glass fixtures. The transparent glass  sink table top is a great idea for space storage. The modern dark wooden cabinet below the sink area also gives additional storage space.

2. IKEA Bathroom Design

IKEA Bathroom Design

The laminated wood floor matched the wood cabinet, wood cabinet and toilet seat cover. The silver mirror is a great design and reflected the natural light coming in from the window making this bathroom bright. The orange lamp is a nice touch.

3. Flat Small Apartment Bathroom Tile Decorative

Flat Small Apartment Bathroom Tile Decorative

This blue colored tile running in the middle of the white tiles gave a personality to this bathroom. The fixtures were tastefully laid out and the flowers placed on top of the washing machine are a nice touch.

4. Small Bathroom Design Ideas Wallpaper

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Wsallpaper

The black and white floor tiles contrasted wonderfully with the lilac walls and made this small bathroom look fantastic. The furry plum toilet seat cover is a nice touch.

5. Lavish Small Black and White Bathroom

small lavish bathroom

This black and white bathroom is fabulous and lavish. The three small bench like glass shelves look decorative. The  mirrors above the oval shaped sink basin adds some black color along with other black bathroom accessories around this small bathroom .

6. Small White Bathrooms

Small White Bathrooms

The dark laminated floors complemented beautifully with the brown window frame, mirror and the floating shelf. The big window reflected light from the mirror and made this bathroom look sleek and elegant.

7. White Modern Bathroom Ideal Home

White Modern Bathroom Ideal Home

This long narrow white bathroom look fantastic because of the well laid out design. The big white sink with a cabinet below it gives ample space storage. The built in shelves on the walls near the tub area is also a grand idea.

8. Design Modern Sink

Design Modern Sink

The black and white polka dotted floor tiles contrasted wonderfully with the white interior and fixtures. The big pedestal sink looks fantastic and gave the bathroom a personality.

9. Mirror Decorative Concept

Mirror Decorative Concept

The big mirror on this small bathroom reflected light coming in from the window and helped to create an image of it being bigger than it actually is. The glass covered built in shelves is a great design.

10. Decorative Glass Shelves

small bathroom ideas

Smart modern small bathroom remodel ideas. The floating glass shelves opposite the shower area is great space storage. The tiles used on the walls of the shower area matched perfectly with the tiles on the floor. The purple cabinet and towels is a nice touch of color to this bathroom.

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