bathroom renovation

Guidelines To Renovate The Bathroom

Bathroom renovation may prove to be an overwhelming task if you look at it from a general perspective. However, if you take tasks one by one with the right planning before you know it you’re done. One other thing that would stop renovation would be the inconvenience that it would cause especially if the bathroom is the only one in the home. But then, not changing those leaky faucets, cracked tiles will eventually catch up and instead of it being minor problems would now bloom to major ones which will prove a steep price to pay. Here are a few suggestions on how a bathroom could be renovated to give it an updated look and be functional as well. Good ideas if are planning to renovate your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Makeover

bathroom renovation

The pictures here show a before and after renovation of a bathroom. The wall color was changed and it gave a dramatic updated look to the bathroom that made it look fantastic.

2. Floating Sheves

floating shelves

This small bathroom was given a facelift by using two designs on the walls and placing floating shelves for storage space. The big mirror above the beautiful new sink gave the bathroom personality.

3. Small Bathroom

small bathroom ideas

This small bathroom’s wall color was changed and combined with tile designs that made it look fabulous. The small cabinet below the sink area does not only give storage space but also looks beautiful.

4. Awesome Bathroom

White and maroon bathroom design

Dramatic and bold colors could be a surprising design but if used cleverly will add oomph to the bathroom. Picture here shows how a fiery maroon wall set off against a white tiled wall in the tub area and maroon floor made this an awesome bathroom.

5. Amazing Bathroom Design

Bathroom with white floor and wall tiles

The shower stall was given a fresh look by using white tiles on the floor and walls. The green colored tiles used on the walls and floor of the shower stall in the before picture shows it looking small and cramped.

6. Bathroom With Light Colored Walls

 Light colored walls always give an uplifted look

The before picture shows a horrifying looking bathroom and compare the look of the after picture. Light colored walls always give an uplifted look. Bold colors can be used but it has to be combined with a lighter color to offset it.

7. White Bathroom Design

Bathroom with grey floor tiles

The blue and white bathroom color of the before picture looks cramped. Compare it to the after renovation look and see the big difference color could do.

8. Grey And White Bathroom

Bathroom with blue accennt color

White is usually the best color to use in bathrooms as they give a clean and sleek look. This before and after picture shows how effective this could be done.

9. White Green And Black Bathroom

White,green and black bathroom design

A dramatic pattern design either on the floor or walls can uplift the image of the bathroom. The bold green, black and red pattern used on the floors of this bathroom proves the point.


A pure white small bathroom looked fantastic after splashes of blue color was combined with it. It broke the monotony of white and made the bathroom look interesting. The red flowers and the blue area rug are great accents.

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