Bathroom with sliding doors

Great Designs For Small Shower Rooms

A small space bathroom can have its pressing disadvantage, like having lesser space to move around on. Another pressing problem one can have in a small bathroom is the minute space for a shower area. However, this one can be addressed through the use of the design techniques that would leave you with a wider space for showering.  Here are some small shower room designs that you can apply to your small bathroom.

1. Unenclosed Space

Small bathroom

You can choose to have an unenclosed space for your shower area. This way you don’t need space for doors and separators especially if you are working with a tight budget. This works for bathrooms that are really small. Plus, this would also look good as your bathroom would not look too crammed up.

2. Small Partition

Brown tiled bathroom

As a separator from the rest of the bathroom space, you can have a small partition just about a foot tall. This can also prevent the water from the shower area from going into the drier parts of your bathroom. Plus you can also add shower curtains and take them off whenever you want too.

3. Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Shower room with sliding doors

Sliding glass shower doors are also nice for your small shower area. Generally, glass doors and walls make the room look continuous despite this separator as you can still see inside the separated area. Also aside from being continuous your bathroom also looks spacious still.

4.  Modern Shower Bathroom

Bathroom with sliding doors

Sliding glass doors also don’t’ take up too much space when you open them, leaving more space to move around on, as compared to a normal door. This aspect of a glass sliding door can be a perfect match to minimalistic bathrooms. Also, they can look very chic and modern.

5. Shower Over Bath Integration

White shower room

There are also ways you can integrate a bath tub to your shower area to save more floor space. This idea is great if you want to have a bath tub but is worried about the floor space. This way you can stand in your bath tub while taking a shower.

6. Modern Minimalist Bathroom

White bathroom design

Not only could you save floor space through integrating a bath tub to your shower area, this way you can also add more character to your bathroom. Select bath tub designs where you can have a part to stand in and put your shower overhead. You can also add glass separator to the bath tub/shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

7.  Shower Area Storage Spaces

Modern shower room with storage

Shower area storage spaces can also help a lot in conserving spaces. Add storages spaces for soap, shampoo, and other shower essentials. This would help not only in space saving but also in ensuring that all your needs are in one place.

8. In-shower  Shelves Storage

 In-shower  Shelves Storage

In-shower storage spaces also help in organizing and improving the look of your bathroom.  Have hanging shelves for bottled bathroom essentials, and also try not to forget to have a hanging rack or pole for you to hang your towels on. An organized and well-arranged bathroom looks spacious and airy.

9. Small Shower

Shower room with a window

Situate your shower room near a source of light. The more light that comes in to your shower area the more spacious it would look. This is especially applicable to small shower areas so as it would not look crowded and suffocating. Plus it also helps in enjoying and relaxing one’s self when taking a bath or shower. Just make sure that your windows are high enough so you won’t be visible on the outside.

10. Small Shower Rood Design

Bathroom with vibrant colors

Make sure that the color of your shower area is in line with the whole bathroom. It is nice to use other tile color or pattern for the shower area as long as it would match the color of the rest of the bathroom.  Select vibrant and warm colors that would make your whole bathroom look brighter and vibrant.

Taking a bath or a shower should be an enjoyable activity and should not be hurried. A nice design for a shower room should offer a conducive atmosphere towards this activity. A small spaced area can be turned into a great shower room that provides a relaxing environment that is important when taking a bath or shower.

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