Great Designs for Small Bathrooms

Urban living can feel cramped especially when a person comes from the country where spaces are big and wide. Apartments and condominiums are built for the purpose of having living spaces that could be maximized to the area that it is being built on. In the past years when urban housing was still on its early stage, aesthetics was even done away with as the most number of units could be accommodated. It is not done today as people have become aware that urban living would not mean giving up some of the comforts of home. The bathroom is one area that usually gets the smallest space but we’ve come up with some designs to make the small look great. Here are 10 Great Designs for Small Bathrooms to inspire you today.

1.    Storage space

Cabinets under the sink area give storage space

This is a great space saving idea where cabinets under the sink area give storage space. Blue glass floating shelves behind the toilet seat is another great idea. The blue tiles and the use of plants as décor make this bathroom look lovely.

2.   Bathroom With A Varnished Cabinet

Small bathroom

The wooden box that is placed on top of the toilet seat to add storage space surprisingly looks good. It also blended very well with the varnished cabinet of the sink area.

3.   Neat And Tidy Bathroom

Bathroom with pedestal sinks

It has been stated that pedestal sinks could help create height and give the bathroom a bigger look. The wood open shelf cabinet is cleverly positioned in a corner and gives storage space so this bathroom looks neat and tidy.

4.   Bathroom With A Wallpaper

Beautiful small bathroom

Wallpapers can add character and beauty to a room and the picture shows no exception. The bold design of the wallpaper is the focal point and blended seamlessly with the white fixtures.

5.   Pure White Interior Color

White bathroom design

The pure white interior color and fixtures were contrasted beautifully with the red floating shelves on the wall. The red frame of the mirror is a nice touch.

6.   Grey And Green Wall Tiles

Bathroom with wall tiles

The grey and green design of the wall tiles contrasted very well with the white fixtures and made this bathroom even when small stand out on its own. The addition of a brown wood shelf under the sink cabinet is a nice touch.

7.   Blue Bathroom Design


This bathroom looks fantastic

A blue bathroom that looks fantastic since it blended seamlessly with the white fixtures. The blue colored toilet seat is a nice touch. The mirror above the sink area helped to make the room look bigger than it actually is.


8.   Beautiful Bathroom Design

Bathroom with wood panels on the wall

The wood panels used on the walls near the sink area are a great design idea. The elaborate design of the frame of the mirror is lovely and blends very well with the white interior. The old unpainted and rust stained cabinet looks just right for the image of this bathroom.

9.   Fabulous Small Bathroom

Pure white bathroom design

This pure white bathroom is fabulous. The black and white pictures framed in black serve as the perfect backdrop for the very white interior.

10.   Black And White Floor Tiles Design

Bathroom with a wooden chair

The black and white design of the floor tiles is the focal point of this bathroom. This is a rustic design where towels are piled high on a wooden chair complete with a golden bucket.

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