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Fresh ideas for powder room storage designs

The powder room is usually a half bathroom that does not have bathing stalls. It is usually found near the living room area and the one that guests and visitors use when visiting in the home. At times though, the powder room gets a shower installed so that it could serve as a guest bathroom for visitors who may stay the night. It is usually designed as a small bathroom and storage could pose a problem due to its limited space. The advent of designs meant for small space bathrooms have solved storage problems. Here’s what we have that may help you with your storage problems in your powder room.

 1. Antique Locker Basket

basket storage

A simple wire basket is an ideal storage space for towels when cabinets are not available. This can be placed under the sink area to save more space.

 2. Built Shelves

Built Shelving

Recessed built in shelves are great spots to hold decors for the powder room. These shelves are versatile and could also store shampoos, soaps and other bath essentials.

 3. Weaved Basket

powder room storage

Weaved designed baskets could be great ideas for space storage. The baskets can hold towels, toilet paper and other bath essentials needed for the powder room.

4.  Floating Shelves

towel holder

The floating shelves that were built in this powder room have a vintage design that looks fabulous. It could also hold bath essentials like towels and toilet paper. The small wicker basket at the bottom of the shelf can give additional storage space.

 5. Cabinet Storage

Cabinet Storage

The cabinet that holds the sink area as well is a great storage space for the powder room. Storage space for bath essentials, towels and toilet paper can be stored away and make the bathroom look neat and compact.

 6. Box Shaped Floating Shelf

 Small White Powder

This small white powder room has a box shaped floating shelf that could give space for storage. Towels and toilet paper can be placed neatly to avoid clutter. Décor like the plant can be placed on top of the shelf.

 7. Craftsman Powder room

 Craftsman Powder room

The beautiful wood cabinet that was placed in this small powder room is a lovely idea for storage space. Making the cabinet reach to the ceiling directs the eye upwards giving this small bathroom height and space.

 8.  Toilet Paper Storage

Toilet Paper Storage

This is a modern concept for storage in small powder rooms. The floor to ceiling loft filled with rolls of toilet paper became the focal point.


storage under sink

The drawer designed like period  sink piece gives storage space on its open rack space below. The green colored wall and green towels gave a wonderful contrast to the dark color of the sink rack space and gave additional storage space as well.

10. Cabinet with slim legs

Bath and Powder Rooms

This elegantly designed powder room made use of a cabinet with slim legs to complete the image. The cabinet‘s drawer can give storage space while looking beautiful at the same time. The big black vase with a green plant is a nice accent.

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