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Exciting Contemporary Bathroom Designs

Contemporary or modern designed bathrooms have made a lot of exciting designs to match newest technology that are forever invented to make everything convenient. Showerheads have become bigger sized and the round shapes of old have become square shaped. New styles of tiles are used not only for aesthetic quality but also for durability and safety. Faucets are built in the walls and vanity sinks come with cabinets which is great for storage spaces. Mirrors have become bigger with floating toilet bowls, cabinets, and shelves. Still, some of us want the dated look. Period design will always be popular and if integrated with modern conveniences bring fantastic results. Here are some contemporary bathroom designs that have exciting ideas.

 1. Green Marble Countertop And Wood Cabinets

The tiles matched perfectly with the countertop and cabinets

Image source: usiremodeling

The sliding barn door and the green large square shaped slate tiles matched perfectly with the green marble countertop and wood cabinets. The faucet is built in and trough sinks are used. The orange colored towels are lovely accents.

 2.  Walk In Shower

Shower with an exciting feature

image source: envidesign

This is a walk in shower with an exciting feature. The water comes down in a torrent from the big shower head design in the middle of the room. The wooden mat used prevents slippage and the room is big enough to stop water from spilling over to the dry area.

 3. Bathroom With Built In Cabinetry

White bathroom

This shower stall is tiled in limestone and the fixtures are nickel plated. The shower head is big and the recessed shelves are great spaces for bath essentials. The floating bench is a lovely design to place towels or seating before and after bathing.

 4. Glass Enclosed Shower Stall

Shower stall with a tiled bench on the corner

Image source: designwithdetail

This glass enclosed shower stall takes up a corner and building a tiled bench on the corner is a great design. The recessed shelves give space for bath essentials and a towel rack outside of the stall is a lovely idea.

 5.  Six Body Sprays, Fixed And Hand-Held Shower Heads

Shower stall with glass mosaic tiles

Image source: drurydesigns

This shower stall has 6 shower heads, fixed and hand held shower heads. The recessed shelves are in glass mosaic tiles while the floor has pebble tiles and walls are porcelain. It has a tiled bench meant for relaxation during bath times.

 6.   Tub Is Built In With Tiles

Contemporary bathroom

Image source: Houseplans

The tub is built in with tiles that extend to open shelves for space storage and become a divider as well from the shower stall adjacent to it. This is an ideal design for small bathrooms with limited space.

 7.   Big Wall Art

Bathroom with a big wall art

Image source: denverphoto

The big art on the wall of this large shower area is the focal point. The long recessed shelves are great space storage. The big shower head is in the middle and a floating bench is lovely for relaxation.

 8. Small Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom with a floating sink

Image source: kmystudios

This is a design for a small bathroom area. The floating sink with cabinet between the shower stall and toilet is space saving.

 9.  Brown Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom with brown mosaic tiles

Image source: youngbrosinc

This is a glass enclosed shower stall with a big fixed shower in the middle. The tiles used are mosaic and the bench is lovely.

10. Contemporary Mosaic Tiles Bathroom

modern bathroom

Shower stall and tub are tiled in mosaic tiles and glass enclosed to stop water spillage. This separates the wet area from the dry one.


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