double sink for bathroom

Attractive double sink designs for bathrooms

Bathrooms used to single sinks and that is fine if only one person uses the bathroom. But if it is a shared bathroom double sinks would be a great idea. Two people can brush their teeth or do their toiletry at the same time without one getting in one’s way. Trough sinks are the newer ideas for double sinks. It is a long sink and more roomy than an individual sink design. It comes with beautiful designs and colors to fit the preference of homeowners. Be that as it may, whether you may prefer having double sinks or trough sinks, here are designs to make the vanity area attractive.

 1. Double Faucet Sink

double sink

This bathroom used the trough sinks with two faucets and it saved space and yet two people can use it at the same time. The big mirror is also right for two people. This is a great design to use in small bathrooms with limited space.

 2.  Colorful eclectic style Bathroom

double sink for bathroom

Image source: corynnepless

This is a fantastic design of a pedestal double sink. The big sink has ample space for two people and has a middle space great for placing soaps, small swivel mirror or décor. The double sinks are the focal point of this bathroom.

 3.  Marble Sink  Slab

Marble Sink Slab

The trough sink that was used was also enclosed in a marble slab and gave ample space for two people to use it. The spaces around the sink are great places for bath essentials and decors as well.

4. Double Sinks

Double Sinks

The double sinks are on a floating slate countertop and the faucets are built in. A mirror for each sink is a lovely idea. The countertop gave ample space for bath essentials and decors.

 5. Flat Bottomed Sinks/ Functional Cabinets

Flat Bottomed Sinks

Image source: realtyqueento

The period cabinet was used for a sink and the double basin sinks placed on it made it look fantastic. The small basin sinks added to the image of daintiness to match the elegant design of the period cabinet.

 6.   Custom Concrete Sink

flat modern double sink

The trough sink that is used in this bathroom is made from poured concrete. It gave a statement to the bathroom and durable and sturdy as well. This is great for a bathroom that caters to large families.

 7.  Double Small Sinks

Double Small Sinks

The two small white sinks built into the elegant looking cabinet looks fantastic. The countertop of the sinks is marble as well and the two long mirrors added to the image of elegant simplicity to this bathroom.

 8.  Vintage Style Double Sink

old style double sinks

This is a beautiful design of a sink that was mounted to the wall. The dated design of this large double sink is the focal point of this bathroom.

 9.  Double Sink Vanity

Double Sink Vanity

image source: houzz

An antique sideboard was converted into a sink area and double sinks were placed on it. The sinks blended very well with the elegance of the antique sideboard cabinet.

10. Double Sinks

Double Sinks

image source: lindydonnelly

The double sinks are recessed into the marble countertop and look wonderful. The ample space that the countertop gives is great for decors and bath essentials.

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