Pool House Bathroom

Chic Pool House Bathrooms

The pool house has become a guest house at the same time and having a bathroom installed in it is a great idea. The bathroom can now do a dual purpose of being a bathroom to the pool and a guest room bathroom as well. The pool house bathrooms can be big or small, ornate, lavish, or simple but one thing it has to have: comfort and style. It is a showcase since this is the bathroom that guests and friends use when they come over for a swim or stay the night. Here are a few ideas of the pool house bathroom that will make it look chic and stylish.

 1. Stone Tiled Walls

Stone Tiled Walls

Image source: chkarquitectura

The stone tiled walls of this big bathroom matched the exposed wood beams and brown colored stalls. The open door bathroom with open stalls makes this a good choice for pools that have lots of people swimming over. Showers and toilets are placed inside the open stalls.

 2.  Cabana With Bathroom

Pool House Bathroom

Image source:stevegrayrenovations

The beautiful design of the wallpaper used on the walls of the shower area is the focal point of this bathroom. The yellow and grey stripe colors that frame the round mirror is a nice accent.

 3. Pool House Bathroom

 Pool House Bathroom

The glass enclosed shower stall is a great idea. It also stops water sprays and spills to reach the main area. The ornate design of the mirror is a fantastic accent.

 5.  Blue Glass Mosaic

blue colored design

This bathroom has a playful blue colored design on the walls that gave it a personality. The glass enclosed shower stall stops sprays and spills of water from reaching the main area.

 5. Pool Bath House

 pool bath house

The wooden bench is a lovely idea for a pool bath house. Guests or family can sit down while changing. Having the toilet in a separate room is great for privacy.

 6. contemporary pool house bathroom

mosaic tiles

The mosaic tiles used for the walls and floors of this bathroom looks fantastic. The glass enclosed shower stall is a great design that separates the wet area from the dry one.

 7.  Bathroom Tile Colors

Bathroom Ideas

Enclosing the showers halfway is a great design that would confine the wet area from the main area. Having several shower heads in the stall can be a space saving and sharing idea.

 8.  Brown Colored Pebbles

brown color bathroom

The brown colored pebbles used on the walls of this small bathroom made it look fabulous. It is also the focal point of this bathroom. The cabinets are great storage spaces and installing the washing machine inside the bathroom is a practical idea.

 9.  Wall Shelves in Bathroom

Glass Tile Shower Niche

Image source: bill fry construction

Recessed wall shelves in the bathroom are nice places to store shampoos and soaps. The big shower head that is adjustable is a great idea for quick showers.

10. Tall brown wooden cabinets

pool bathroom ideas

The tall brown wooden cabinets are great spaces for storing towels and other bath essentials. The pull down cabinets below the sink area is additional storage space that made this bathroom look sleek and clean. The glass enclosed shower stall helps to confine wet area from dry area.

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