Stylish and neat bathroom with mosaic tiles idea



Bathroom tiles come in different patterns and shapes and for different purposes. Tiles whether for the floor or the walls of your bathroom they make the bathroom look smart and clean at all times. They are easy to clean too . It is good to consider what colour scheme you will be having for your bathroom too as this can help you in choosing the right bathroom tiles.

The type of tiles you choose for your bathroom are very important factor of interior designing. Tiles can either make or break a room in terms of its aesthetic value. Thus, it would be a good idea to consider the different types of tiles first before coming up with a final decision. To help you with your design, below are beautiful small bathroom tile ideas in pictures for you to get inspired with. Enjoy!

1.   Mosaic Floor Tile Design

Mosaic floor tiles with homey and refreshing feeling

This small bathroom has elegant and modish design. The whole appearance of the bathroom looks neat and stylish with the vanity that has an industrial look. Additionally, the large mirror is surrounded by pendant lighting that helps enhance the face reflection. Also, the mosaic floor tile and continuous wall tiles give a homey and refreshing feeling.

2.   Beautiful Small Bathroom With Travertine Tiles

Beautiful small bathroom with travertine tiles idea

This is a beautiful small bathroom with travertine tiles. The neutral hue of this bathroom surely fits the needs of those who aspires a sophisticated look. Likewise, there is a shelf above the bathtub and a creative sink. Also, the whole bathroom looks gorgeous and chic.

3.   Elegant And Neat Bathroom

Elegant and neat bathroom with limestone floor

Above is an elegant and neat bathroom with lovely décors. Also, the walls, floors and counter top are made of limestone creating a classy appearance. The large wooden vanity has a stylish vessel sink and flower vase with rectangular mirror. There are shelves for painting or frames and other décors.

4.   Simple Yet Sophisticated Bathroom

Subway tiles and pebble-like floor tile idea

The design above looks comfortable and refreshing. The pedestal sink and elegant fixtures look creative and gorgeous in this bathroom. Also, the subway tiles and pebble-like floor tile add a dramatic appeal to this simple yet sophisticated bathroom.

5.   Fabulous And Stylish Bathroom

Fabulous and stylish bathroom with varying patterns of floor and wall tiles

This fabulous and stylish bathroom has varying patterns of tiles both on the floor and walls. The monochromatic design of this bathroom creates a cozy and calm feeling. Aside from that, there are numerous mirrors on the shower door and medicine cabinet that helps improves light quality. Notice also the creative and nice-looking vanity with drop-in sink accented by attractive fixtures.

6.   Lavish Bathroom With Blue Color Mosaic Tiles

Lavish bathroom with blue color mosaic tiles idea

This is a lavish bathroom with varying degree of blue color mosaic tiles. The walls look gorgeous and create a nice contrast with white tiles. The simple patterns of the tiles allow for a minimalist look. Glass tiles are of good choice for they are resistant to stains and molds, thus they are hygienic.

7.   Bathroom With Slate Walls And Floor Tiles

Bathroom with slate walls and floor tiles idea

The slate tiles of this bathroom are from the walls and the floor. The neutral colours of this room make it look chic and sleek. Adding to its appeal is the floating wooden cabinet with attractive counter top. Also, the mirror has luxurious lights on each side. Moreover, the hanging shelf could be used to display décors.

8.   Neat And Elegant Bathroom

Neat and elegant bathroom with amazing fixtures

A neat and elegant bathroom is seen on the photo above. The gray and white color combination looked perfect in this bathroom. Also, the large vanity with unique vessel sink has an expansive storage underneath. The fixtures of this bathroom also looked amazing!

9.   Stylish And Neat Bathroom With Mosaic Tiles

Stylish and neat bathroom with mosaic tiles idea

Above is a stylish and neat bathroom with Carrara marble and white marble both on the walls and the smooth vanity counter top. Also, the mosaic tiles on the walls of the free-standing bathtub look charming. Additionally, the pale blue colour on the upper wall makes the room warm and comfortable. With the paintings on the wall and fixtures this bathroom surely will fit your needs!

10.   Minimalist Style Combined With Neutral Hues

Brown color creates a creative look to the room

This design offers a minimalist style combined with neutral hues. Also, the different degree of brown color creates a creative look to the room. The sturdy vanity has sleek countertop and nice decors on top of it.




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